Prop Firms that Offers Free Trials for Trading

Date: May 10, 2024

In the world of trading, joining a proprietary trading firm (prop firm) is a significant milestone for many traders. These firms offer traders the opportunity to trade with their capital and potentially earn a share of the profits. However, trading with a prop firm comes with its own set of rules and conditions, which can vary from one firm to another. To help traders get acquainted with these conditions and determine if they are the right fit, many prop firms offer free trials. In this article, we will explore some prop firms that provide free trials, allowing traders to practice and assess if the prop firm conditions align with their trading goals.

E8 Funding

E8 Funding is a relatively new player in the prop trading scene, having started its journey on November 5, 2021. The company has offices in Dallas and Texas, USA, with another branch located in Prague, Czech Republic. E8 Funding stands out by allowing traders to use applications they will have access to during the evaluations. It's important to note that any performance generated during the trial accounts will not be applied to evaluations, and no profits are eligible for payouts. The CEO of E8 Funding is Dylan Elchamis.


FTMO, established in May 2017 and located in Prague, offers a unique Free Trial account. This trial serves as a condensed version of the FTMO Challenge, designed to help new clients assess their trading skills. It provides valuable insights into whether traders have what it takes to successfully complete the FTMO Challenge and Verification process.

FTMO is led by CEO Otakar Šuffner, a seasoned professional in the trading world. FTMO's commitment to helping traders grow and succeed is evident in its approach to the Free Trial.

Alpha Capital Group

Alpha Capital Group, founded on November 2, 2021, offers free trial accounts to give traders a firsthand experience of their execution environment and market-leading dashboard and trading analytics. Alpha Capital Group provides a funded trader program called Alpha Pro, consisting of three phases: Phase 1, Phase 2, and Funded.

City Traders Imperium

City Traders Imperium, incorporated on the 13th of July 2018 by Daniel Bautista, is another prop firm that offers free trials. Daniel Martin and Martin Najat are co-founders of City Traders Imperium. Their trials are designed to provide traders with a taste of the trading conditions and environment they can expect when they join the firm.


Audacity Capital is a London-based prop trading firm founded in 2012 by Karim Yousfi. They offer a free trial for their trading platform, which can be accessed by filling out a registration form on their website. It's worth noting that this free trial is available for a limited time period, so aspiring traders should take advantage of this opportunity.


TradeThePool is a stock trading prop firm developed by Five Percent Online Ltd, the company that operates Established in 2016, TradeThePool provides a 14-day free trial for new traders. The CEO of TradeThePool is Michael Katz, an industry expert with a wealth of experience.


Topstep, founded by current CEO Michael Patak, started on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade and became an LLC in July 2012. Topstep offers a 14-Day Free Trial trading futures in a simulated $150,000 account. It's a great opportunity for traders to familiarize themselves with the trading environment before committing to the real deal.

In conclusion, prop firms that offer free trials play a crucial role in helping traders make informed decisions about their trading careers. These trials provide a glimpse into the trading conditions, rules, and environments offered by various prop firms. Whether you are a novice trader or an experienced one, taking advantage of these trials can be a valuable step in your trading journey.


SmartPropTrader is a forex prop firm that specializes in Forex and Contracts for Difference (CFDs) trading. One standout feature of SmartPropTrader is their generous 14-day free trial. During this trial period, traders can experience the firm's trading conditions firsthand. What sets SmartPropTrader apart is that during the trial, you are allowed to hold trades overnight and over the weekend, and even engage in news trading.

The trial account provided by SmartPropTrader offers all the basic features necessary for traders to master their trading strategies. Smart Prop Trader operates within specific guidelines designed to optimize trading performance and maximize potential profits. The firm was officially registered on March 9, 2023, and for inquiries, you can contact them via their official email address at [email protected]. Traders at Smart Prop Trader have the opportunity to participate in the Two Phase Challenge, which encompasses Forex, Crypto, and CFDs asset classes. Additionally, they provide access to popular trading platforms such as MT4 and MT5. The CEO of SmartPropTrader is Blake Olson, a name you can trust in the trading world.


FunderProfx offers a free trial that lasts for 5 days, allowing traders to get a taste of their trading environment. One important note is that users can have only one active free trial at a time. However, you can initiate another trial after the 5-day waiting period expires. There is no set limit to the number of free trials you can undertake, making it a flexible option for traders looking to explore FunderProfx.

At the helm of FunderProfx is CEO Gary Mullen, a leader in the industry. The trial accounts provided by FunderProfx offer a valuable opportunity to assess the trading conditions without any financial commitment.


The purpose of a free trial is to allow traders to experience the trading conditions and environment of a prop firm before committing to a partnership.

It depends on the prop firm's policies. Some firms allow multiple trials with a waiting period, while others may restrict it to one trial at a time.

In most cases, profits generated during a free trial are not eligible for payouts and are considered part of the trial experience.

You can typically sign up for a free trial by visiting the prop firm's official website and following their registration process.

Free trials are usually available for a limited time period, so it's essential to check the specific terms and conditions of each firm's trial offer.