Trust Points

TheTrustedProp Trust Points

TheTrustedProp Trust Points can be earned through purchases made through TheTrustedProp. This Trust Points can be redeemed to to get free Trading Challenges from Prop Firms.

How to earn Trust Points?

You can earn Trust Points by making purchases through TheTrustedProp. When you purchase any Prop Firm challenge accounts, you recieve certain points. To claim this points, you have to upload your order confirmation image within 7 days.

TraderSync 31 Days Free Access


TraderSync 31 Days Free Access is allowed only once, per user. Whenever you purchase your first account through us, you can get free TraderSync Access

MTJ Trade Copier


Get MTJ Trade Copier for one month for free when you purchase any account through us. With MTJ Trade copier you can copy accounts from one prop firm to another.

Account SizeLoyalty Points
500K40,000 Trust Points
400K28,000 Trust Points
300K21,000 Trust Points
200K14,000 Trust Points
100K8,000 Trust Points
50K5,000 Trust Points
25K3,500 Trust Points
10K2,000 Trust Points
5K1,000 Trust Points