Overview of Tradezella Trade Copier

Date: May 10, 2024

In the fast-paced world of trading, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference. TradeZella, a company founded by Umar Ashraf in March 2020 and registered in Miami, Florida, United States, offers an all-in-one trading journal and analytics tool designed to help traders discover their strengths and weaknesses. This article will delve into the details of TradeZella, its features, and how it can revolutionize your trading journey.

The Power of Automated Journaling

One of the standout features of TradeZella is its automated journaling system. Traders know that repeating the same mistakes can lead to losses. With TradeZella, you can put an end to this cycle by effortlessly recording and analyzing your trades.

Focus on the Right Stats

TradeZella allows you to analyze your trading performance from a first glance to a deeper, more detailed level. By focusing on the right statistics, you can identify what's working and what isn't.

Trading Journal

Are you risking too much on your trades? How's your performance for the month? TradeZella's trading journal provides answers to these questions and more.

In-Depth Trading Analytics

Get a clear picture of where winning trade opportunities lie. Track each trade with the right metrics to make data-driven decisions.

Optimize Your Trading Performance

TradeZella empowers you to explore all possibilities to enhance your profitability. Discover what statistically works so you can trade with confidence.

Trade Feedback

Are you giving away profits too soon? Do you trade with hesitation? TradeZella's feedback system helps you understand exactly what's holding you back.

Drilled Down Reporting

Your trading reports hold all the answers. Identify your worst trading days, the mistakes causing the most losses, and areas where risk management needs improvement.

Fine-Tune Your Trading Strategy

With TradeZella's resources, you can pinpoint the weaknesses in your strategy and build a stronger trading system.

Replay Trades

Synced with your trading data, TradeZella lets you replay your trades to understand where you went right or wrong.

Advanced Trade Tracking

Visually navigate through your entry and exit points, track your setups and mistakes, and take advantage of advanced tracking features.

Easy and Accurate Trade Tracking

TradeZella provides in-depth analytics for each trade, including entries, exits, risk management, setups, and more.

Streamline Your Trading

Stop trading with hesitation and use your stats to make data-driven decisions that boost your confidence.

Recover After a Trading Loss

TradeZella helps you analyze your losses and create a plan for improvement.

Scale Up Your Trading Fast

Depending on your needs, different TradeZella features can help you scale up your trading quickly.

Understand Your Best Trade Setup

Identify which trade setups are working and which ones aren't, enabling you to focus on what matters most.

Discover Your Best or Worst Trading Days

Use data to understand your trading patterns and save your green days.

Improve Your Risk Management

Utilize the R-Multiple stat to assess your risk and enhance your risk management strategies.

Every Feature You Need to Trade Better

TradeZella is designed to be your one-stop solution, eliminating the need for multiple spreadsheets and platforms.

How TradeZella Helps You

  • Improve Your Risk Management
  • Stop Trading With Hesitation
  • Recover After A Trading Loss
  • Discover Your Best & Worst Trading Days
  • Understand Your Best Trade Setup
  • Scale Up Your Trading Fast
  • Focus on What Matters Through Powerful Journaling

Analytics Dashboard

TradeZella offers an advanced analytics dashboard with features like advanced filtering, calendar view, profitability charts, notes, and comments, and winning percentage tracking.

Track the Metrics That Matter

Stay on top of your trading performance with TradeZella's advanced trade tracking, including real-time analysis, entry and exit tracking, risk management assessment, running profit and loss, setup identification, and trade rating and scaling.

Reporting for Your Trading Style

TradeZella provides different reports tailored to various trading styles, helping you discover your strengths and weaknesses, identify top setups, track bad habits, and view your trade expectancy.

Build Your Trading Plans

Customize your trading notebook, build trading plans, recap losses, sync with trading statistics, and save and share your plans with others.

Replay Your Trades

Replay your trades tick by tick, recap trading strategies, access time and sales data, level 2 data, and execution plots on your chart.

Learning Resources

TradeZella offers Zella University, where you can access bootcamps, trader development webinars, lessons on recovering from trading losses, and actionable insights to apply to your trading.


No, TradeZella is not a brokerage. You execute trades with your broker and then transfer the data to TradeZella to track and analyze your trading performance.

TradeZella is built by traders, for traders, focusing on features that improve your trading process. It provides a clean and straightforward platform without unnecessary bells and whistles.

TradeZella prioritizes data security. Your data belongs to you, and TradeZella does not sell or advertise it. It is a 100% secure platform for traders.