Overview of The Funded Fx Forex Prop Firm

Date: May 10, 2024

In the world of Forex trading, finding the right partner to support your journe555345523Xy05 towards financial independence can be a challenging task. However, The Funded Fx, a company shrouded in mystery with undisclosed legal details but known for its CEO, Matt L, has been making waves since its inception in 2020. This article will delve into the details of The Funded Fx, shedding light on its unique approach to Forex trading and its one-of-a-kind evaluation program.

Company Details

Name: The Funded Fx

Legal Name: Undisclosed

CEO: Matt L

Started in: 2020

Registered in: USA

The Challenge: Unveiling the Evaluation Program

The Funded Fx is known for its one and only Evaluation Program, which boasts remarkable features that set it apart from the competition. Here's what you need to know:

Profit Target: 10%

Maximum Daily Drawdown: 5%

Maximum Overall Drawdown: 10%

Leverage: 1:100

Other Key Features

The Funded Fx's unique selling points don't stop with the Evaluation Program. Here are some additional details that make it stand out:

We Fund, You Trade

The Funded Fx operates on a simple premise: they fund you, and you trade. It's the best-funded trader program in the market, offering traders the opportunity to manage a funded account with up to $2,00,000.

High-Profit Split

One of the most attractive features of The Funded Fx is the profit split. Successful traders can collect up to 90% of the profits they generate, providing a strong incentive for traders to excel.

No Time Limits

Flexibility is a cornerstone of The Funded Fx's program. There are no time limits, allowing traders to trade at their own pace and convenience.

One Step Evaluation

The evaluation process at The Funded Fx is straightforward and fair, consisting of just one step. It tests your ability to manage their capital effectively, simulating live trading conditions with a genuine account. Successful completion of this evaluation opens the door to limitless opportunities for your trading journey.

Access Funds and Grow

Joining The Funded Fx isn't just about trading; it's about growing your trading career. With access to funds and the potential to scale up to $2,00,000, you can take your trading to the next level.

The Easiest Evaluation Process

At The Funded Fx, they pride themselves on offering the easiest evaluation process in the market. Your success is their success, and they reward your talent with a profit split that goes beyond industry standards.

How to Get Started

Getting started with The Funded Fx is a breeze:

  1. Apply to the Program: Fill out the application form with accurate contact details for communication.
  2. Pick Your Plan: Choose the plan that suits your trading requirements, starting with a modest subscription fee.
  3. Put Your Skills to the Test: Once you receive your login credentials, start trading immediately to work towards your evolutionary goals.
  4. Trade More, Profit More: Demonstrate your trading capability through consistent, profitable, and responsible trading, and secure a profit share of up to 90%.

Why Choose The Funded Fx?

There are several reasons why The Funded Fx is the perfect partner for your trading needs:

Get Started Quickly

Experience instant access to your trading account with The Funded Fx. Sign up swiftly and start trading immediately.

No Excessive Profit Goals

Unlike other programs, The Funded Fx doesn't impose restrictive profit targets. This freedom allows you to maximize your earnings.

Diverse Trading Styles

Experiment with various trading styles and strategies, including swing trading, intraday trading, scalping, and more.

Widest Range of Asset Classes

Access a wide range of asset classes with minimal commissions and ultra-tight spreads.

Trader-Friendly Leverage

With a leverage of 1:100, you can choose appropriate lot sizes, even when implementing small stop losses, to suit your trading strategy.

Trade with Confidence

Rest assured knowing that The Funded Fx covers all losses and risks on your behalf, allowing you to pursue your investment dreams with confidence.

Trade with the Best

The Funded Fx offers industry-leading trading platforms that are user-friendly and dependable, providing everything you need to succeed in your trading journey.

About The Funded Fx

At The Funded Fx, their commitment is to empower Forex traders and provide them with the tools and resources necessary for success. Their fully funded trader program, offering up to $2,00,000 in funds and a profit share agreement of up to 90%, is a testament to their mission.

During the evaluation phase, traders can showcase their skills and qualify as funded traders. The Funded Fx aims to create an environment of excellence, offering excellent conditions, resources, and a network of expert traders who are duly rewarded for their efforts.

With The Funded Fx, you can enjoy immediate access to your trading account, eliminating long waiting periods. Their program has no restrictive profit targets, allowing you to maximize your earnings. They offer a variety of trading styles, low commissions, tight spreads, and a trader-friendly leverage of 1:100.

Trade with confidence, knowing that all losses and risks are covered by The Funded Fx. Join The Funded Fx today and embark on your journey towards financial independence.

Mission Statement

At The Funded Fx, they aim to solve the main problem faced by traders - under-capitalization. Their mission is to empower traders to achieve financial success by providing funding, resources, and a supportive community to thrive in the Forex market. They envision being the leading provider of funding and support for traders worldwide, revolutionizing the way traders access capital and enabling them to reach their full potential in the Forex market.

Funding Traders

The Funded Fx provides up to $2,00,000 in funds, enabling traders to access capital and take their trading careers to new heights.

Profit Sharing Agreement

With a profit share agreement of up to 90%, The Funded Fx rewards traders for their success and dedication.

Building Full-Time Incomes

Their mission is to empower traders to build full-time incomes through Forex trading, offering the tools and support they need.

Fostering Expert Traders

They foster a network of expert traders, providing excellent conditions and resources to facilitate their growth and success.


6. Risk Management Expertise

One of the key factors that make The Funded Fx stand out is its emphasis on risk management. In the volatile world of Forex trading, effective risk management is paramount. The program's Maximum Daily and Overall Drawdown limits (5% and 10%, respectively) provide traders with a safety net, ensuring that you can trade with confidence while maintaining control over potential losses.

7. Transparent Profit Targets

The Funded Fx's profit target of 10% is both realistic and transparent. It aligns with the program's overarching goal of helping traders achieve financial success without imposing unattainable expectations. This clarity is a breath of fresh air in an industry often shrouded in ambiguity.

8. Leveraging Your Potential

With a leverage ratio of 1:100, The Funded Fx empowers traders to make the most of their trading strategies. Whether you're a conservative trader or a risk-taker, the flexibility of this leverage allows you to tailor your approach to your specific preferences and goals.

9. Immediate Access and Support

The Funded Fx's commitment to supporting its traders goes beyond just funding. Immediate access to your trading account ensures that you can start executing your trades without delays. Moreover, their customer service is known for its responsiveness and dedication, providing assistance whenever you need it.

10. Unlocking Your Full Potential

At The Funded Fx, the emphasis isn't solely on funding but on unlocking your full potential. The profit-sharing agreement of up to 90% rewards your trading skills and dedication. This means that as you grow and succeed, you are directly rewarded for your achievements.

11. Freedom to Choose Your Style

The Funded Fx doesn't pigeonhole traders into a single trading style. Instead, it encourages experimentation. Whether you prefer swing trading, intraday trading, scalping, or a combination of strategies, The Funded Fx provides the freedom to explore and evolve.

12. Access to a Diverse Asset Universe

Trading opportunities extend far beyond just currency pairs. The Funded Fx offers access to an array of asset classes, including commodities, indices, and more. This diversity allows you to diversify your portfolio and capitalize on various market trends.

13. Minimal Commissions and Tight Spreads

Costs can significantly impact your trading profitability. The Funded Fx addresses this by providing minimal commissions and ultra-tight spreads. This ensures that you can maximize your earnings by keeping your trading expenses in check.

14. Confidence in Your Trades

Perhaps one of the most comforting aspects of trading with The Funded Fx is the knowledge that all losses and risks are covered by the program. This level of protection provides traders with the confidence to pursue their investment dreams without the fear of catastrophic losses.

15. User-Friendly Trading Platforms

Trading platforms play a crucial role in a trader's success. The Funded Fx understands this and offers industry-leading, user-friendly trading platforms. These platforms provide clear interfaces and comprehensive information, making it easier for traders to learn, trade, and succeed.

In conclusion, The Funded Fx is not just a Forex trading platform; it's a partner dedicated to your success. With its unique Evaluation Program, generous profit-sharing model, and commitment to transparency, it's a compelling choice for traders looking to break through the barriers of under-capitalization and take their trading careers to new heights.

If you're ready to embark on a journey towards financial independence, The Funded Fx offers the tools, resources, and support you need to thrive in the competitive world of Forex trading. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your trading aspirations into reality.


Yes, you are eligible for a $10,000 Free Demo Account as a trial, which can also be considered for your evaluation process to qualify for a live funded account.

The Funded Fx allows a variety of trading styles and strategies, including swing trading, intraday trading, scalping, and more.

The Funded Fx allows trading in a comprehensive range of financial instruments, including currency pairs, commodities, indices, and more.

The Funded Fx provides minimal commissions and ultra-tight spreads, ensuring traders can take advantage of different trading opportunities with competitive pricing.

Getting started is easy. Simply apply for the Fully Funded Trader Program, choose your plan, put your skills to the test, and start trading to achieve your goals.