Nordic Funder


Overview of Nordic Funder Forex Prop Firm

Date: May 11, 2024

In the fast-paced world of finance, Nordic Funder has emerged as a key player with a unique approach to prop trading. This article delves into the details of this company, shedding light on its origins, challenges, and opportunities. Join us as we unravel the story of Nordic Funder, a company that has been making waves since its inception in November 2020.

Company Details

Name: Nordic Funder
Legal Name: Nordic Funder KB
CEO: Undisclosed
Started: November 2020
Registered: Sweden

The Challenge

Nordic Funder presents a single-step challenge that offers traders an enticing opportunity:

Profit Share: Up to 90% profit share
Profit Target: 10% profit target
Max Trailing Loss: 10% maximum trailing loss
Max Daily Loss: 5% maximum daily loss
No Time Constraints: Trade at your own pace
Account Sizes: $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, $200,000, $400,000

Other Details

  • Fair and Square Rules: Nordic Funder abides by a set of transparent and fair rules.
  • Target: Achieve a 10% profit to qualify for a funded account or move up to the next level.
  • Limit: Your equity can't fall below 10% of your starting balance from the high watermark.
  • Limit: Your equity can't fall below 5% of your previous end-of-day balance.
  • Condition: No time constraints - trade at your own pace.
  • Condition: One-stage assessment - prove yourself once and get funded with no hidden fees.
  • Condition: Max lot sizes - trade proportional to your account size and leverage.

Made with Love in Sweden

Nordic Funder is the brainchild of a small and enthusiastic group of investment professionals who have been building unique solutions for the remote prop trading community. Over the past decade, they have honed their expertise in online trading and asset management, bringing a wealth of experience to the prop trading industry.

The company embodies Swedish values and principles, focusing on transparency, fairness, and trustworthiness. This commitment extends to their partnership with Scandinavian Capital Markets.

Broker Partnership: Scandinavian Capital Markets

Nordic Funder has forged a partnership with Scandinavian Capital Markets, a leading Swedish forex broker. Scandinavian Capital Markets offers pure STP brokerage services to retail and institutional clients, fund managers, and professional traders in Scandinavia and across Europe. This partnership ensures that Nordic Funder's community enjoys the best possible trading conditions.


Get ready to embark on a trading journey with Nordic Funder, where transparency, fairness, and opportunities await. Unlock your potential and achieve your trading goals with a company that values your success.


By default, no. Nordic Funder requires all trades to be closed by 21:30 UTC every Friday. Any positions open at this time will be automatically closed, potentially at an unfavorable price due to thin liquidity at the end of the week. However, you can purchase a risk upgrade when building your assessment to hold positions over weekends for a 10% surcharge.

No, you cannot. Nordic Funder's broker disables trading from 22:00 UTC on Fridays and resumes trading at 22:00 UTC on Sundays. Therefore, even with the weekend trading upgrade, trading on weekends, including cryptocurrencies, is not possible.

If you don't open or close any positions for 30 consecutive days, your account will be closed. However, if you have a funded account, you remain entitled to your performance fee from the profits in the account. Unfortunately, you must retake the assessment if your account is terminated due to inactivity.

Yes, you can. Nordic Funder allows you to trade during major news events and keep positions open.

Currently, Nordic Funder's risk management technology is integrated only with MetaTrader 4 (MT4). They are actively working on integrating cTrader and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). You can trade using MT4 desktop and mobile apps.

Scandinavian Capital Markets, Nordic Funder's partner, offers a wide range of trading instruments, including currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, precious metals, oil, and indices. Please note that cryptocurrencies cannot be traded on weekends.

No, Nordic Funder does not allow high-frequency trading (HFT) strategies. They aim to collaborate with traders using strategies that can be replicated and may not perform well with HFT.

Yes, you can use a trade copier if you're copying trades from another broker or platform. Ensure that you're not using the copier to operate a prohibited trading strategy.

Yes, you can hold positions overnight. However, you must close your trades by 21:30 GMT on Fridays unless you purchase the weekend trading add-on.

Nordic Funder