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Overview of MentFunding Forex Prop Firm

Date: May 11, 2024

In the fast-paced world of financial trading, aspiring traders often face significant challenges when it comes to accessing capital and resources. One notable solution that has gained prominence is prop trading firms like Ment Funding. This article delves into the key features, offerings, and benefits of Ment Funding, a prop trading firm that has been making waves in the industry.



Introduction to Ment Funding

Company Details

Let's start by getting to know Ment Trading better. Here are some key details:

    • Name: Ment Trading
  • Legal Name: Ment Funding LLC
  • CEO: Anton Calmes
  • Founded: October 2020
  • Location: 5900 Balcones Drive, Suite 100, Austin, TX 78731

Ment Funding, a prop trading firm, provides traders with the opportunity to trade various financial instruments without the need for significant personal capital. Established on July 12, 2021, and based in the United States of America, Ment Funding has quickly gained traction as a platform for traders to showcase their skills and potentially secure funding for their trading activities. With the company number 32080108551, Ment Funding operates as a bridge between talented traders and the financial markets.

Trading Challenges and Offered Solutions

Types of Challenges

Ment Funding recognizes the challenges faced by traders, particularly those related to accessing substantial capital and overcoming stringent trading regulations. To address these hurdles, Ment Funding introduces traders to a unique solution – the One Phase Challenge.

One Phase Challenge

The One Phase Challenge is a stepping stone for traders looking to prove their trading skills. This phase involves trading in different asset classes, including Forex, Crypto, and CFDs, through well-established trading platforms like MT4 and MT5. By participating in the One Phase Challenge, traders have the opportunity to access funded trading accounts with Ment Funding.

Target: 1-Step Evaluation

  • Evaluation Percentage: 10%
  • Minimum/Maximum Trading Days: None
  • Maximum Daily Loss: $1,250 (5%)
  • Maximum Loss Trailing Drawdown: $1,500 (6%)
  • Available Leverage: Trade with up to 1:20 leverage, with upgrades available once you select a 1-step evaluation.

Live Account Gains

  • Keep 75% (90% with upgrade): You can withdraw your earnings once you achieve the target, providing flexibility and rewards for successful trading.

Asset Classes and Trading Platforms

Ment Funding provides traders with the opportunity to trade in various asset classes, including Forex, Crypto, and CFDs. These diverse options allow traders to capitalize on different market movements and opportunities. Additionally, the compatibility of popular trading platforms like MT4 and MT5 enhances the trading experience by offering advanced tools and features.

Payment and Withdrawal Methods

In line with modern trading needs, Ment Funding offers multiple payment and withdrawal methods. Traders can conveniently transact using Skrill, Crypto, and Paypal, ensuring flexibility and ease of use.

Scaling and Funding Capital

Scaling Rules

Ment Funding empowers traders with the option to scale their trading activities. This scaling is facilitated through an innovative rule that allows traders to enhance their scalability with larger leverage. As traders experience a 5% rise in their account, the maximum lot size on their account is boosted, providing greater trading potential.

Funding Capital Options

Ment Funding offers a range of funding capital options, catering to traders with varying needs and goals. The available funding capital includes:

  • $25,000
  • $50,000
  • $100,000
  • $200,000
  • $400,000
  • $1,000,000

Trading Regulations and Permissions

Ment Funding operates under specific trading regulations and permissions to maintain a fair and secure trading environment. While Hedging and Expert Advisors (EAs) are allowed, High-Frequency Trading (HFT) and Copy Trading are restricted.

Customer Support and Engagement

Ment Funding values customer engagement and support. Traders can interact with the community and receive assistance through platforms like Discord, Live Chat, and Twitter. This approach ensures that traders have access to guidance and resources to enhance their trading journey.

Customization and Personalization

One of the standout features of Ment Funding is the freedom it offers to traders in customizing their evaluation process. Traders can tailor their evaluation by selecting various upgrade options, such as holding over the weekend, doubling leverage, eliminating the need for a stop loss, and choosing different profit split percentages.

Commissions and Lot Size Limit

Ment Funding maintains transparent and reasonable commission structures. For FX trading, commissions are set at $3.00 each way, totaling $6 per lot for a round trip trade. Additionally, traders are limited to a maximum lot size of 10 lots for a 100,000 account, ensuring responsible risk management.

Trade with Raw Spread

Ment Trading collaborates with an award-winning CFD trading broker, ThinkMarkets. They provide raw account spreads starting as low as 0.0 pips on Majors. This allows traders to execute their trades without limitations, regardless of the timeframe. Your trading system can operate without constraints.


Ment Funding stands as a beacon of opportunity for traders aspiring to access the financial markets with greater flexibility and capital support. With its innovative solutions, user-friendly platforms, and commitment to trader success, Ment Funding continues to make its mark in the world of prop trading. As traders seek platforms that prioritize their growth and potential, Ment Funding emerges as a reliable partner on their trading journey.


Ment Trading requires all trades to be closed by 3:45 pm EST on Friday. Any open trades after this time will automatically be closed. However, this is only a soft breach, and you can resume trading when the markets reopen.

Yes, there is. If you do not place a trade at least once every 30 days on your account, it will be considered inactive, and your account will be breached.

Traders from all countries, excluding OFAC listed countries, can participate in Ment Trading's program, provided they comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Ment Trading's risk management technology is integrated with the provided platforms, which you can download from the back office. These platforms, along with pricing and execution, are provided by their broker.

You can trade a wide range of products offered by the broker, including FX pairs, CFD Indices, Metals, Equity Shares, and Cryptocurrencies. The available products may change over time, providing diverse trading opportunities.

For funded traders operating on live accounts, Ment Trading offers a scaling rule. Your Max Lot Size on the account increases with every 5% increase in your account balance. This allows traders to compound their earnings and increase scalability with higher leverage.

Subject to Ment Trading's policy on Prohibited Trading, you can trade using an Expert Advisor, providing you with additional tools to optimize your trading strategy. In conclusion, Ment Trading offers an exciting opportunity for traders to prove their skills, access funded accounts, and trade in a flexible and rewarding environment. With its 1-step evaluation process, generous funding options, and partnership with ThinkMarkets, Ment Trading is a platform that can empower traders to achieve their financial goals.

Traders can choose a single funding capital option that best aligns with their goals.

The One Phase Challenge serves as a gateway for traders to showcase their skills and secure funded trading accounts.

While HFT and Copy Trading are restricted, traders can employ various trading strategies, including Expert Advisors. What is the process for customizing the evaluation? Traders can select from a range of upgrade options to tailor their evaluation to their trading system.

Ment Funding offers customer support through platforms like Discord, Live Chat, and Twitter to assist traders on their journey.

Ment Funding