Overview of GoTradr Forex Prop Firm

Date: May 11, 2024

Welcome to the world of trading, where opportunities are boundless, but success requires skill, strategy, and the right platform. In this article, we will introduce you to Gotradr, a trading company that has been making waves since its establishment in 2021. We'll delve into its company details, evaluation processes, and its unique Instant Funding Program. So, let's dive in!

Company Details

Name: Gotradr

Legal Name: Congo Brands LLC.

CEO: Undisclosed

Started: 2021

Registered: United Kingdom

Gotradr, with its base in the United Kingdom, has been quietly changing the trading landscape since its inception. Led by an undisclosed CEO, the company has swiftly become a formidable player in the trading industry.

Evaluation Processes

1-Step Evaluation

Gotradr offers two types of evaluation processes: 1-Step Evaluation and 2-Step Evaluation. Let's start with the 1-Step Evaluation.

Profit Target: 13%

Trading Period: No time limit

Minimum Trading Days: 1

Max Drawdown: 12%

Max Daily Drawdown: 5%

In the 1-Step Evaluation, traders are tasked with reaching a 13% profit target. The trading period has no time constraints, and traders have the flexibility to choose an account size. Whether you prefer Forex, Metals, CFDs, or Cryptos, Gotradr has you covered. Additionally, the minimum trading days are set at just one, ensuring a streamlined evaluation process. The maximum drawdown and daily drawdown limits are set at 12% and 5%, respectively.

Upon successful completion of the 1-Step Evaluation, traders are welcomed into the ranks of "Funded Tradr." This grants them access to Tradr proprietary trading firm's capital, with an impressive profit split of 80%. The maximum drawdown and daily drawdown limits remain consistent with the initial evaluation phase.

2-Step Evaluation

Profit Target: 8%

Trading Period: No Time Limit

Minimum Trading Days: 1

Max Drawdown: 10%

Max Daily Drawdown: 5%

The 2-Step Evaluation process follows a similar structure, with a lower profit target of 8%. The trading period remains unrestricted, and traders can select their preferred account size and trading instruments. The minimum trading days and drawdown limits are also consistent with the 1-Step Evaluation.

Following the successful completion of the 2-Step Evaluation, traders progress to the Verification stage, where they face a reduced profit target of 5%. Once again, the trading period is open-ended, and traders enjoy the same drawdown limits.

Instant Funding Program

For traders looking to access capital without undergoing the evaluation processes, Gotradr offers the Instant Funding Program.

Profit Split: 50% - 75%

Scale Up Every 15%

Payouts: First Month, Then Bi-Weekly

Max Drawdown: 7%

Max Daily Drawdown: 4%

This program allows traders to get started right away, accessing the firm's capital without the need for a challenge. Profit splits can range from 50% to 75%, offering traders flexibility in their earning potential. Payouts are structured with an initial monthly payment followed by bi-weekly payments. The program maintains a lower maximum drawdown and daily drawdown for risk management.

Additional Information

Gotradr allows traders to scale up to impressive levels, with the potential to trade up to $400,000 and scale up to $800,000 with the firm's support. However, it's essential to note that high-frequency trading is not permitted, as it poses risks to the firm's capital.


In conclusion, Gotradr stands as a trailblazer in the trading industry, offering traders a unique path to access capital and achieve their financial goals. With its evaluation and evolution models, flexible profit targets, and attractive profit splits, Gotradr provides an excellent opportunity for serious traders to thrive.

If you're a trader seeking growth and success in the trading world, consider Gotradr as your trading partner. With its commitment to providing the best trading conditions and unwavering support, Gotradr is ready to help you reach your trading aspirations.

Gotradr is your gateway to the exciting world of trading, offering you the tools and support you need to succeed. Get started now and unleash your trading potential!


Yes, you can use pre-approved EAs with our firm. Ensure you confirm with our team beforehand.

Absolutely, you can trade during news events.

Yes, you can hold trades over the weekend.

The maximum allocation is $400,000 per strategy.

Yes! When a trader maintains profitability over 10% for two consecutive months, their account can be increased by 50% until reaching a maximum allocation of $800,000.