Overview of Fidelcrest Forex Prop Firm❤️

Date: May 11, 2024

In the dynamic world of trading, finding the right opportunity to grow your capital can be challenging. This is where Fidelcrest Traders comes into play, offering a unique path for aspiring traders to realize their potential. In this article, we'll delve into the details of Fidelcrest Traders, exploring its company profile, the Pro Trader Program phases, and why it's a promising platform for traders worldwide.

Company Details

Name: Fidelcrest Traders
Legal Name: Fidelcrest LTD.
CEO: Dylan Elchami
Established in: 2018
Registered Address: Arch. Makariou III & 1-7 Evagorou, MITSI 3, 1st floor, office 102 C, 1065 Nicosia, Cyprus

Pro Trader Program Phases

Fidelcrest Traders offers a comprehensive Pro Trader Program consisting of three distinct phases, each designed to nurture and evaluate traders' skills:

STEP 1: Trading Challenge

In the first phase, traders are tasked with selecting an account size and risk level that matches their skills and profit targets. They have the freedom to choose their trading style, whether it's normal or aggressive. The trading period spans 60 days, with flexibility in simulated trading days, maximum loss, and profit targets.

STEP 2: Verification

The second phase, Verification, is where traders continue to prove their trading prowess. Just as in the Trading Challenge, they can opt for a normal or aggressive strategy. The trading period remains at 60 days, with similar parameters regarding loss and profit targets.

STEP 3: Fidelcrest Trader

The final phase is the ultimate goal for traders: becoming a Fidelcrest Trader. At this stage, traders gain access to the proprietary trading firm's capital without specific profit targets. Instead, they must manage their trading within set parameters, including strategy, minimum simulated trading days, max inactivity, maximum loss, and maximum daily loss. The rewarding part is that traders can earn up to 90% of the profits they generate.

Other Details

Fidelcrest Traders is actively seeking talented traders who can successfully complete the Trading Challenge and manage accounts worth up to 2 million USD. The profit split is impressive, ranging from 80% to 90%, and there's no scaling plan required.

How Does it Work?

Fidelcrest Traders' core business is to identify, train, and evaluate Forex, CFDs, and various types of traders for proprietary trading companies. Established in 2018, the Fidelcrest Trading Challenge serves as an evaluation course to discover traders capable of making sustainable, long-term profits. Successful completion of the challenge and Verification phases opens doors to manage trader accounts with balances of up to 2 million USD, offering a profit split of up to 90%.

Pro Trader Account Types

Fidelcrest Traders offers two types of Pro Trader Accounts to cater to different trading preferences:

1) Pro Trader Normal

  • Funded Account Profit Split: 80%
  • Maximum Calendar Days: 60
  • Profit Target for Phase 1 and 2: 10% and 5%
  • Risk: Normal risk
  • Maximum Loss: 10%
  • Profit Target for Funded Accounts: 0%
  • Maximum Daily Loss: 5%
  • Unlimited Free Retries
  • Account Sizes: $15000, $30000, $60000, $250000, $500000, $1000000

2) Pro Trader Aggressive

  • Funded Account Profit Split: 90%
  • Maximum Calendar Days: 60
  • Profit Target for Phase 1 and 2: 20%
  • Risk: Aggressive risk
  • Maximum Loss: 20%
  • Profit Target for Funded Accounts: 0%
  • Maximum Daily Loss: 10%
  • Unlimited Free Retries
  • Account Sizes: $15000, $30000, $60000, $250000, $500000

Trading Program Features

The Fidelcrest Trading Challenge is open to traders worldwide, with the exception of the United States and Canada. One of the most significant hurdles for traders is the lack of sufficient trading capital, and Fidelcrest addresses this challenge effectively. With raw spreads starting from 0 pips and zero commissions, Fidelcrest's trading terminal is tailored exclusively for its traders.

Account Analytics & Automated Monitoring

Fidelcrest Traders provides proprietary software to track trading progress and objectives. Key account metrics are easily accessible on the Trader Area, and all accounts are monitored around the clock, ensuring traders stay on track.


Fidelcrest Traders have access to over 175 products with spreads and commissions optimized for proprietary trading. Whether it's Forex, Indices, Metals, Commodities, Stocks, or more, Fidelcrest Traders have a wide range of options to explore.

Leverage Rates

Fidelcrest Trading Challenge accounts boast a leverage rate of up to 1:100, offering traders the flexibility they need to manage their positions effectively.

One-time Fee & Fair Profit Split

Unlike many other programs, Fidelcrest charges a one-time fee without recurring charges, memberships, or hidden fees. The profit split model is transparent, with aggressive strategy traders earning up to 90%, while normal strategy traders receive up to 80% of the profits.

Trader Support & Customer Satisfaction

Fidelcrest Traders take pride in their friendly and knowledgeable team spread across Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa. They are always ready to provide support and answer any questions traders may have.

Why Fidelcrest?

Fidelcrest Traders stands out in the evaluation program arena for several reasons:

  • Fast Evaluation: It offers the fastest way to manage proprietary trading firm capital, up to 2 million USD, with simple rules and minimal objectives.
  • News Event Trading: Fidelcrest allows news event trading, offering traders more opportunities.
  • No Limits: There are no limits on instruments or volume traded.
  • Fair Profit Split: With profit splits of up to 90%, Fidelcrest ensures traders are well-rewarded for their efforts, and payments are always made on time.


Fidelcrest primarily seeks real traders who rely on their analysis rather than EA's or trading robots. However, exceptions may be granted upon contact with the Customer Support Team, but demonstrating proper risk management remains essential.

Fidelcrest allows trading using MT4 or MT5.

Copy trading is allowed between your accounts or a third party's trades, but manual copying is required. Allowing a third party to trade your account is prohibited.

Yes, you can trade news, but caution is advised as high-impact economic news releases can lead to extremely volatile market conditions. Traders are required to set stop loss and take profit targets.