Overview of DeiFunded Forex Prop Firm

Date: May 11, 2024

1. Introduction

Embarking on a trading journey with DeiFunded opens doors to a unique experience in proprietary trading. This guide aims to unravel the intricacies of DeiFunded, providing insights into its evaluation process, trading strategies, challenges, and frequently asked questions.

2. Understanding DeiFunded

2.1 Basics of a Proprietary Firm

DeiFunded operates as a proprietary trading firm, offering traders the opportunity to be evaluated in simulated markets. It stands apart with a commitment to fairness, integrity, and trader dedication.

2.2 Legal Structure Insights

DeiFunded is legally registered as DeiFunded Pty Ltd., with registration number 18666253229. The firm operates under Australian law, providing a secure framework for its activities.

2.3 Registration Details Unveiled

Traders engaging with DeiFunded should be aware of its Australian registration, ensuring transparency and adherence to regulatory standards.

3. The Evaluation Journey

3.1 Phases and Progress Overview

Traversing through two phases – 8% profit target verification and 5% profit target evaluation – paves the way for traders to move to their live withdrawable account upon successful completion.

3.2 Time Limit and Trading Days Clarified

While there is no specific time limit, traders must be active within a 30-day period, with a minimum of 4 trading days required for each phase.

4. Trading Tactics at DeiFunded

4.1 Navigating Stop Loss Strategies

Understanding the significance of stop-loss orders empowers traders to control potential losses effectively, while also allowing the freedom to trade without them based on individual preferences and goals.

4.2 Expert Advisors (EAs) and Indicators Unveiled

DeiFunded permits the use of EAs and Indicators, emphasizing the need for traders to customize their parameters to align with their unique trading style and account.

4.3 Demystifying Copy Trading Guidelines

While copy trading is allowed within a trader's accounts, strict prohibitions exist against copy trading between different individuals' accounts. Unique parameters are crucial to avoid penalties.

4.4 Strategies on the Restricted List

DeiFunded prohibits exploitative trading practices, ensuring fair and ethical conduct among participants. Strategies like high-frequency trading, latency trading, grid trading, and arbitrage are strictly banned.

5. Navigating Challenges

5.1 Maximum Drawdown Demystified

Maximum drawdown serves as a risk management tool, preventing traders from exceeding predefined loss levels and ensuring responsible trading.

5.2 Leverage and Limits Clarified

DeiFunded offers a leverage of 1:100, and traders must adhere to a maximum capital allocation limit of $400,000 per trader or strategy.

5.3 Addressing Hyperactivity Consequences

Excessive trading activity is restricted to maintain platform stability, with consequences for accounts exceeding predefined hyperactivity limits.

5.4 Data Freezing and Platform Rules

Exploiting freezes caused by demo server errors is strictly forbidden, and traders engaging in such activities may face investigation and access revocation.

5.5 Ensuring Genuine Market Operations

The practice of ensuring profit with limit orders during low liquidity markets is prohibited, ensuring adherence to genuine financial market operations.

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

6.1 Insights on Evaluation Phases and Payouts

  • Q: How long until I receive the payout?
    • A: Once a withdrawal request is received, DeiFunded aims to process and complete it within 3 business days, following KYC checks.

6.2 Trading Platforms and Account Management Queries

  • Q: Which trading platforms can I use to trade?
    • A: DeiFunded offers MT5 across all evaluations, with notifications about potential introductions of new platforms.

6.3 Profit Targets and Timeframes Clarified

  • Q: What profit target do I have to hit?
    • A: Profit targets are based on account type and parameters, with details provided during the evaluation purchase.

6.4 DeiFunded's Global Accessibility Unveiled

  • Q: Do you accept traders from anywhere in the world?
    • A: Yes, DeiFunded operates in over 150+ countries, ensuring accessibility for traders worldwide.

6.5 Company Values and Legitimacy Clarified

  • Q: Are we an Australia-based company?
    • A: Yes, DeiFunded operates under Australian law, ensuring a secure trading environment.

7. Conclusion

Navigating the evaluation process at DeiFunded requires adherence to guidelines and ethical trading practices. With a commitment to integrity and fairness, DeiFunded provides a platform for traders to thrive and achieve financial goals.