Overview of ClarityFX (Clarity Traders) Forex Prop Firm

Date: May 11, 2024

In the world of forex trading, the right tools and strategies can make all the difference between success and disappointment. ClarityFX, a prominent player in the industry, is changing the game with its innovative approach to foreign exchange trading. In this article, we'll delve into the details of ClarityFX, exploring how it works, the benefits it offers, and why it's a standout choice for both beginners and experts.

Company Details

  • Name: ClarityFX
  • Legal Name: Convert Software LLC.
  • CEO: Nasir Khan
  • Started in: February 2023
  • Registered in: Delaware, USA

Next Gen AI Automated Forex Traders

ClarityFX is on a mission to help traders navigate the complexities of the forex market. They provide a suite of powerful AI tools designed to streamline trading strategies and enhance financial outcomes. These cutting-edge AI technologies are designed to rival the algorithms used by major banks, putting the power of institutional-grade trading in the hands of individual traders.

How ClarityFX Works

ClarityFX operates on three fundamental pillars:

1. Cutting-edge AI Tools

At the heart of ClarityFX's offering is a suite of AI-powered trading tools. These tools provide real-time market analysis and accurate trading signals, empowering traders to make profitable decisions whether they prefer manual trading or a hands-free approach. The use of advanced algorithms and machine learning ensures that these tools continuously improve in accuracy, giving traders a competitive advantage in the foreign exchange market.

2. PAMM (Percent Allocation Management Module)

Clients have the option to invest in ClarityFX's PAMM module, which allows for efficient capital allocation. This module helps manage risk and optimize returns, making it an attractive choice for both novice and experienced investors.

3. Community Access

ClarityFX fosters a sense of community among its users through access to a Discord community. Traders can connect, share insights, and learn from each other, creating a supportive environment for growth and success.

4. Proprietary Liquidity Access

One unique aspect of ClarityFX is its access to prop firm liquidity, often referred to as "other people's money" (OPM). This enables traders to tap into additional capital resources, further enhancing their trading potential.

5. Continued Education

Education is a key component of ClarityFX's approach. They provide live and pre-recorded training sessions to help traders understand how to use their tools effectively and maintain consistent monthly gains.

Increase Your Quality of Life & Cashflow

ClarityFX's unique offering combines a comprehensive set of tools and resources to enhance your trading experience. Their software provides real-time market analysis and accurate trading signals to help clients make profitable trades manually or hands-free. Using advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, ClarityFX's software continually improves its accuracy over time, providing clients with a consistent and competitive advantage in the foreign exchange market.

Clear Advantage

ClarityFX's AI-powered forex software is designed to simplify the complex and time-consuming process of foreign exchange trading. The focus on clarity is evident in their user interface and user experience, ensuring that their community has a true competitive edge. The commitment to software development and client satisfaction through a dedicated concierge/software team plays a significant role in their clients' success.

How ClarityFX Helps You Become a Profitable Trader

ClarityFX offers a range of AI-driven solutions, including:

Kevlar AI

Kevlar AI provides 100% hands-free technology with carefully coded parameters to ensure solid entries and a high risk/reward trade. It includes a trade manager EA that can be used on personal trades outside of Kevlar, allowing clients to experience stress-free trading.

Solaris AI Indicator

Solaris AI is a state-of-the-art technology that sends between 3-8 solid alerts daily. Traders can set trades into the future, copying and pasting the signals for profitable results. Access to the Trend Catcher Panel adds confluence to confirm trade signals.

Order Block Indicator

This indicator accurately predicts price movement on any time frame, making it easy to place stop-losses and take profits for optimal risk/reward setups. It provides insight into the market psychology of institutional trading.

Liquidity Grab Indicator

The Liquidity Grab Indicator is exclusive to ClarityFX and reveals where retail traders are being trapped and where price is likely to move next. Traders can stay one step ahead, capitalizing on high risk/reward opportunities.

Trend Catcher Panel

The Trend Catcher Panel displays accurate currency data, informing clients about pairs with the best overall trend at any specific time. Used in conjunction with other indicators, it helps identify the best pairs for solid risk/reward ratios.

The Benefits of ClarityFX

ClarityFX offers numerous advantages for traders, including:

  1. Beating The Algorithms: Gain access to inside information hidden from retail traders, giving you an edge.
  2. Easy Setup: Cut through the complexities and start earning profits with confidence.
  3. Expert Community: Join a community of experts dedicated to helping individuals achieve significant profits.
  4. Risk Management: Trade like the banks, with an emphasis on minimizing risk and ensuring consistency.
  5. AI Assistance: Benefit from consistent growth with state-of-the-art AI software based on institutional knowledge.
  6. Trader's "Cheat Code": Avoid common retail trader pitfalls and experience truly stress-free trading.

Why Choose ClarityFX?

ClarityFX stands out for several reasons:

  • Risk Management Focus: ClarityFX prioritizes risk management, ensuring that winning trades consistently outweigh losses.
  • Proven System: With decades of trading experience and institutional insights, ClarityFX offers a proven system that can lead to life-changing income.
  • Simplicity and Support: ClarityFX guides traders through the process, helping them secure funding for substantial gains and navigate trades with minimal drawdowns.


ClarityFX Forex Prop Firm offers traders a unique blend of AI-powered tools, risk management, and a supportive community. With a focus on clarity and consistent growth, it provides traders with the tools they need to thrive in the challenging world of forex trading. Remember that while ClarityFX can significantly improve your trading potential, success in forex trading ultimately depends on your strategy, discipline, and risk management.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your trading experience with ClarityFX. Join their community today and start your journey toward more profitable trading.


Yes, ClarityFX offers an automated software, Kevlar, that can be used on Prop Firm accounts. However, it's essential to understand and follow the rules and regulations of your specific Prop Firm to avoid any violations.

ClarityFX's indicators are available on TradingView, while Kevlar runs on MT5. Trade managers also operate on MT5.

Yes, ClarityFX's approach can work globally, as it aligns with the decentralized nature of the forex market. However, traders should be aware of their local regulations and trading permissions.

While ClarityFX provides valuable tools and education, trading always carries inherent risks. Success depends on various factors, and there is no guaranteed winning strategy. Traders should conduct their due diligence and manage risk effectively.

Each indicator offered by ClarityFX provides a unique perspective on the market based on specific parameters. The choice between them depends on your trading style and preferences.

ClarityFX's indicators, Solaris AI and Liquidity Grab, offer an average of 5-10 solid setups per day. However, not every trade is guaranteed to be a win, and traders should exercise discernment.

ClarityFX focuses on risk/reward rather than success rates. High win rates with small wins and massive losses can be misleading. The goal is to control losses and capitalize on solid setups.

ClarityFX's Kevlar AI is designed to be used as an extension of your trading strategy. While it offers automation, traders should understand how it works and use it judiciously.

The software is intended for individual use or for those within the same household or legal entity. Selling or sharing the software with others in the same household may result in account termination.