Exciting News: FTMO's Acquisition of Quant Lane in the Trading Industry

Date: May 11, 2024

In the fast-paced world of trading, exciting developments are always on the horizon. This year, the trading industry has witnessed a significant step forward as FTMO, a modern proprietary trading company, expanded its business venture activities by acquiring Quant Lane, a traditional proprietary trading company. In this article, we'll dive deep into this exciting partnership, hearing from the CEOs of both companies and exploring what it means for traders and the trading community.



What Is Quant Lane?

Quant Lane, as described by its CEO, is a traditional proprietary trading company. This means that they exclusively trade the company's capital and do not have external clients. They have a dedicated team of traders, quants, developers, and trading support personnel. Quant Lane operates in traditional financial markets, dealing with equities, indices, and various financial products. Their mission is to create the best possible ecosystem for traders, providing them with robust support and the necessary tools for success.

Why FTMO Acquired Quant Lane

The decision behind FTMO's acquisition of Quant Lane is simple but strategic. Quant Lane brings unique capabilities and applications to the table that FTMO currently lacks. Additionally, the partnership allows FTMO to offer its traders the opportunity to trade professionally with a well-established trading team, developers, and robust support. The acquisition aims to elevate the trading experience for FTMO's traders to a whole new level.

Why Quant Lane Chose FTMO

Quant Lane's CEO explains that the choice of FTMO as their partner was driven by FTMO's genuine motivation and approach to trading. FTMO's team is deeply passionate about trading, considering it more than just a job—it's their hobby. This alignment of values and enthusiasm made FTMO an ideal partner for Quant Lane. Furthermore, the discussions revealed numerous opportunities within the FTMO group that could help Quant Lane take its operations to the next level.

Future Plans for Quant Lane

Looking ahead, Quant Lane's primary plan is to offer FTMO traders the opportunity to transition to a professional trading firm fully. This strategic move will provide traders with the chance to relocate to BR (trading floor) and work within a professional environment, complete with trading teams, developers, and comprehensive support. Additionally, Quant Lane aims to share its wealth of experience in risk management and data analysis with FTMO.

How Does Trading in Quant Lane Look Like?

Trading in Quant Lane offers traders a high degree of autonomy and responsibility. Each trader manages their own trading book, deciding how to allocate trading capital within the risk framework. Success requires not only a deep understanding of the markets but also a demonstrated ability to generate returns and profits.

How Are Traders Rewarded at Quant Lane?

Traders at Quant Lane are rewarded in a two-fold manner. Firstly, they receive a fixed salary, providing stability. Beyond this, they earn a percentage of the profits generated, which serves as a performance bonus. However, it's important to note that traders must first cover the costs incurred by the company before receiving the performance bonus.

The Difference Between Quant Lane and FTMO Traders

The differences between Quant Lane traders and FTMO traders are significant. Entering a company like Quant Lane is often highly competitive, with numerous candidates vying for positions. In contrast, FTMO created an opportunity for retail traders to turn their trading skills into a profession, making it more accessible. Quant Lane traders are employed, receive a salary, and enjoy robust support, while FTMO traders are often independent but with access to FTMO's support and resources.

Requirements for a Quant Lane Trader

To thrive as a Quant Lane trader, several qualities are essential. First and foremost, commitment to succeed in the challenging trading environment is paramount. Traders must also possess analytical skills, make optimal decisions under pressure, eliminate emotions from their trading strategies, continuously self-improve, and be willing to put in the hard work required for success.

Last Remarks

In closing, the acquisition of Quant Lane by FTMO marks a significant milestone in the trading industry. It bridges the gap between modern prop trading and traditional proprietary trading, offering exciting possibilities for traders and the trading community as a whole. Both companies believe that this partnership will lead to mutual growth and learning, benefiting traders worldwide.


The possibilities at FTMO continue to expand, and the trading community is set to reap the benefits of this exciting partnership. Stay tuned for more updates, and remember, the future of trading is looking brighter than ever.







To become a trader at Quant Lane, you need a strong commitment to trading success, analytical skills, the ability to make rational decisions under pressure, continuous self-improvement, and a strong work ethic.

FTMO offers retail traders the opportunity to trade professionally and provides extensive support and resources, making it accessible to a wider range of traders.

Quant Lane primarily employs its traders, providing them with a fixed salary and performance-based bonuses.

The primary goal of the partnership is to offer FTMO traders the opportunity to trade professionally with Quant Lane's support and resources while sharing valuable knowledge and experience.

Keep an eye on both FTMO and Quant Lane's official channels for the latest updates and news regarding this partnership.