Criteria for Props to be in our Trusted list

Date: May 10, 2024


Criteria for Props to be in our trusted list

30 October, 2023The Trusted Prop, a preeminent authority in the evaluation of proprietary trading firms, takes great pleasure in unveiling its meticulously developed criteria for the esteemed "Trusted" category. Our commitment to setting new standards for transparency and reliability is reflected in the comprehensive benchmarks that form the cornerstone of this categorization.

The Trusted Prop designation signifies a commitment to integrity and distinction within the proprietary trading sector. Firms that aspire to attain this prestigious status must meet the following exacting standards:

  1. Established Tenure: A prop firm must have a proven track record of at least nine months, underscoring its dedication to providing stability and consistency.
  2. Financial Fortitude or Technological Innovation: The attainment of a minimum of USD $1 million in processed transactions or the presence of proprietary, non-white label technology is a requisite, ensuring that the firm is well-prepared to facilitate its traders effectively.
  3. Legal Entity and Physical Presence: A firm's legal registration and a physical office address are mandated, serving to enhance transparency, legal accountability, and accessibility.
  4. Steady Payouts: Monthly trader payouts must consistently total USD $500,000 or more, a testament to the financial health and reliability of the firm.
  5. CEO's Professional Background: Scrutiny of the CEO's background encompasses assessing their experience, competence, and an established record of achievement within the industry.
  6. Publicly Recognizable CEO: The CEO must maintain a public presence, instilling confidence and accountability in the leadership of the firm.
  7. Clearly Defined Mission: A prop firm is expected to articulate a distinct mission and motive, substantiating its alignment with the interests and well-being of its traders.
  8. Transparent and Comprehensive Rules: Well-defined and transparent trading policies and rules must be in place to safeguard the interests of the trading community.
  9. Restrictions on High-Frequency Trading (HFT) and Arbitrage: High-Frequency Trading (HFT) and Arbitrage activities are to be prohibited, thereby promoting fairness and equitable competition within the trading ecosystem.

The Trusted Prop recognizes the dynamic nature of the proprietary trading landscape and acknowledges the need to keep its categorizations current. Over the forthcoming 14 days, we will undertake a thorough review and revision of our categorizations. We extend an invitation to all prop firms to collaborate with us, thereby demonstrating their commitment to ethical standards and operational excellence.

Comprehending the logistical challenge of individually reaching out to a vast number of prop firms, we encourage our valued audience to support our mission. By encouraging their preferred prop firms to engage in collaboration with The Trusted Prop, we can collectively elevate the benchmarks for trust and dependability within the proprietary trading industry.

For additional information, inquiries, or collaboration requests, please feel free to contact us: [email protected]

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