Instant funding

Details About Instant funding

Legal Name: Instant Funding
Company Number: 12696083
Country of Registeration: GBGB
CEO: Lewis
Support Mail: [email protected]
Phone: Not available
Payment Modes: Crypto, Wire transfer/ Bank Transfer
Withdrawal Methods: Rise

Challenge Details at Instant funding

Types of Challenges: One Phase Challenge, Two Phase Challenge, Instant Funding, Three Phase Challenge
Trading Platforms: cTrader, DXTrade
Trading Instruments: Forex, Metals, Commodities, Indices, Crypto
Broker: ThinkMarkets
Max Allocation: $2,500,000
Scaling: $1,600,000
Trading Competitions: Organizes Trading Competitions
Free Trials: Offers free Trials
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About Instant funding

Instant Funding is a dynamic prop firm based in London, UK, offering innovative trading opportunities since June 2022. As a prop-firm and educational provider, Instant Funding has attracted over 10,000 traders, providing unique funding models tailored to traders' needs. With an emphasis on flexibility, the firm offers two types of trading challenges: One Phase Challenge and Two Phase Challenge, each designed to suit different trading styles and objectives.


The One Phase Challenge features a Smart Drawdown of 10%, a daily drawdown limit of 3%, and a profit target of 10%. There are no time limits, and traders can benefit from a profit split of up to 90%, with leverage set at 1:100. Account sizes range from $12,500 to $200,000. The Two Phase Challenge, on the other hand, offers a similar Smart Drawdown of 10% and daily drawdown of 5%, but with profit targets of 8% and 5% respectively across the two phases. This challenge also provides a profit split of up to 90%, with the same leverage and account size options.


Instant Funding is committed to providing a trader-friendly environment with several key benefits. There are no minimum or maximum time limits on challenges, ensuring flexibility for traders. The firm offers competitive pricing, relaxed rules, and up to 90% profit splits on all challenge accounts. Additionally, traders have the freedom to choose between two of the largest trading platforms in the world, enhancing their trading experience.


The firm welcomes the use of Expert Advisors (EAs), algorithms, and bots, allowing traders to leverage automated trading tools. Instant Funding's partnership with ThinkMarkets, an award-winning broker, ensures fast execution and tight spreads, adding to the reliability of the trading environment.


A standout feature of Instant Funding is its fully automated dashboard, serving as an all-in-one hub for traders. This dashboard allows traders to view analytics, monitor challenges, request payouts, and more. Weekly payouts are available after the first payout, providing consistent income opportunities for successful traders.


Instant Funding's approach is centered on innovation and trader satisfaction. The firm is transparent and honest, offering robust support and continuously improving its models and challenges. With a maximum allocation per trader currently set at $2.5 million, traders have significant growth potential within the firm. The firm also allows for various trading strategies, including news trading and holding positions over the weekend, subject to certain conditions.


Instant Funding supports a wide range of instruments, including forex pairs, metals, indices, and cryptocurrencies. This extensive list ensures that traders have diverse opportunities to capitalize on market movements. The firm's policy allows for strategy and EA usage, provided it adheres to guidelines designed to maintain a fair trading environment.


With its commitment to providing the best possible trading conditions and support, Instant Funding stands out as a premier choice for traders looking to advance their trading careers. Whether you are a novice trader or an experienced professional, Instant Funding offers the tools, support, and opportunities to succeed in the competitive trading world.