Traders Edge FX

Details About Traders Edge FX

Legal Name: TradersEdgeFX LLC
Company Number: Not disclosed
Country of Registeration: BSBS
CEO: Not available
Support Mail: [email protected]
Phone: Not available
Payment Modes: Wire transfer/ Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card
Withdrawal Methods: Rise, Wire Transfer/ Bank Transfer, Crypto

Challenge Details at Traders Edge FX

Types of Challenges: One Phase Challenge, Two Phase Challenge
Trading Platforms: Metatrader
Trading Instruments: Forex, Crypto, Indices, Metals
Broker: Not disclosed
Max Allocation: $200,000
Scaling: $Not available
Trading Competitions: Does not organize Trading Competitions
Free Trials: Does not offer free Trials
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About Traders Edge FX

TradersEdgeFX offers a basic simulated trading experience, The traditional 2-step simulated evaluation involves theoretical assessments and practical trading simulations, ensuring a thorough test of both knowledge and real-time trading skills. The new 1-step simulated evaluation streamlines this process into a single, comprehensive test, combining theoretical and practical elements to quickly qualify traders for a TEFX Simulated account.


For those interested in high-frequency trading (HFT), TradersEdgeFX provides a specialized evaluation focusing on rapid trade execution, advanced risk management, and high-speed market data analysis. Successful candidates gain access to trade on a TEFX Stage 3 Simulate account, offering a highly sought-after trading environment.


TradersEdgeFX allows traders to manage up to $200,000 in simulated trading funds, retaining up to 90% of their profits. Forex traders benefit from 1:100 leverage, while metals and indices offer 1:30, and cryptocurrencies provide 1:2 leverage. The platform supports various payment methods, including credit/debit cards and cryptocurrency, with withdrawals processed via


TradersEdgeFX adheres to OFAC guidelines and does not extend services to clients from specific countries. The platform allows the use of expert advisors, with certain restrictions, and permits trading during news events. However, weekend holding is not allowed on TEFX Stage 3 accounts.