Top Tier Trader

Details About Top Tier Trader

Legal Name: TopTier Trader, LLC
Company Number: 11530879
Country of Registeration: USUS
CEO: Dave Guttman
Support Mail: [email protected]
Phone: 888-390-8550
Payment Modes: Crypto, Credit/Debit Card
Withdrawal Methods: Rise, Crypto

Challenge Details at Top Tier Trader

Types of Challenges: Two Phase Challenge
Trading Platforms: Trade Locker
Trading Instruments: Forex, Commodities, Indices, Crypto
Broker: OspreyFX
Max Allocation: $300,000
Scaling: $2,000,000
Trading Competitions: Organizes Trading Competitions
Free Trials: Does not offer free Trials
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About Top Tier Trader

Legal NameTopTier Trader LLC
Company Number11530879
Incorporation Date20 April 2023
Address3629 Eagle Ridge Dr, Woodbridge, 22191-6563, Virginia, United States
Types of AccountTwo Phase Challenge
Phone Number888-396-8550

TopTier Trader is a prop firm registered in the United States of America. It was established on March 8, 2021, and can be contacted through their official email address at [email protected]. The firm offers traders the opportunity to participate in the Two Phase Challenge, trading in Forex, Crypto, and CFDs using the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

For the Two Phase Challenge, there are specific rules and targets set for each phase. In Phase 1, traders aim for a target of 10% profit within a 40-day timeframe. In Phase 2, the target is adjusted to 5% profit within a 60-day timeframe. Traders must adhere to an overall drawdown limit of 10% and a daily drawdown limit of 5%.

Funding capital options for the Two Phase Challenge include $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, $200,000, and $300,000. The firm provides instant funding with a maximum allocation of $300,000. Traders have the opportunity to scale up their capital to as high as $2 million based on their performance.

To be eligible for scaling, traders must be profitable for at least two out of three months and maintain an average profit of 6% or more over the three-month period. Scaling increases the account value by 25% of the original starting account balance. For example, if a trader starts with a $100,000 account and meets the scaling criteria, they will qualify for a $25,000 scale increase in the following month.

TopTier Trader does not allow High-Frequency Trading (HFT), copy trading, hedging, or the use of Expert Advisors (EA). Customer support is available through Discord and Live Chat. The firm does not offer free trials or organize competitions for traders. Free retries are not provided.

Please note that it’s advisable to verify the information and terms directly with TopTier Trader for the most accurate and up-to-date details.