Details About TopFundr

Legal Name: topFundr Ltd
Company Number: C106279
Country of Registeration: MTMT
CEO: Tom Quinzi
Support Mail: [email protected]
Phone: Not available
Payment Modes: Credit/Debit Card, Crypto
Withdrawal Methods: Wire Transfer/ Bank Transfer

Challenge Details at TopFundr

Types of Challenges: One Phase Challenge, Two Phase Challenge
Trading Platforms: Trade Locker
Trading Instruments: Forex, Commodities, Indices
Broker: Not disclosed
Max Allocation: $200,000
Scaling: $Not available
Trading Competitions: Does not organize Trading Competitions
Free Trials: Offers free Trials
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About TopFundr

The City Traders Ltd, established on August 8, 2019, and headquartered in London, UK, is a premier proprietary trading firm led by CEO Andrew. It offers a unique, one-step challenge program designed for aspiring prop traders to build a sustainable and profitable career. The program includes a single assessment phase with a 10% profit target, a 6% static maximum drawdown, and a 4% daily drawdown. Participants enjoy the flexibility of weekend holding and news trading with no time limits, leveraging up to 1:10, and an attractive 80% profit share. Account sizes range from $10,000 to $100,000, catering to various trader needs.


The City Traders provides a complimentary Prop Trading Roadmap course with every account, guiding traders through essential modules such as trading psychology, technical analysis, and risk management. These modules cover critical aspects of successful trading, including mastering trader psychology, understanding market trends, and maintaining effective risk management strategies.


Traders at The City Traders benefit from a robust community offering real-time insights, continuous learning opportunities, emotional support, and networking. This supportive network helps traders stay informed, expand their skills, and connect with like-minded individuals, fostering a collaborative environment that enhances trading success.


The firm supports traders through daily live streams, where participants can engage with mentors, gain insights into trading strategies, and perform real-time market analysis. This ongoing interaction provides traders with the confidence and knowledge needed to navigate market complexities.


The City Traders prides itself on being a reliable and practical choice for traders seeking realistic expectations and transparent rules. The firm focuses on personal growth and performance improvement, understanding that true success extends beyond financial gains. By partnering with Eightcap, The City Traders offers access to a top-tier forex trading platform, enabling traders to engage in CFDs on popular forex pairs, indices, and commodities with industry-leading spreads and liquidity.


Frequently asked questions clarify details about drawdown calculations, withdrawal policies, and trading requirements. The firm calculates drawdowns as a static value from the initial capital, ensuring transparency. Live funded traders must trade for at least 30 active trading days before making withdrawals, promoting consistent performance. There are no profit targets on live accounts, and a minimum of four trading days is required during the evaluation phase.


The City Traders also accommodates weekend trading with an optional add-on to bypass the requirement of closing trades by 3:45 pm EST on Fridays. Participants can trade a wide range of products offered by ThinkMarkets, including FX pairs, CFD indices, metals, equity shares, and cryptocurrencies, and they are allowed to trade during news events and use Expert Advisors, subject to specific policies.


Open to traders from all countries except those listed by OFAC, The City Traders invites you to take control of your future and join their community, transforming your trading skills into profitable success.