FX2 Funding

Details About FX2 Funding

Legal Name: FX2 LLC
Company Number: #2694 LLC
Country of Registeration: USUS
CEO: David Dombrowsky
Support Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +1 (516) 548-6471
Payment Modes: Crypto, Credit/Debit Card
Withdrawal Methods: Rise

Challenge Details at FX2 Funding

Types of Challenges: One Phase Challenge, Two Phase Challenge
Trading Platforms: DXTrade, cTrader
Trading Instruments: Forex, Indices, Commodities, Metals, Stocks, Crypto
Broker: ThinkMarkets
Max Allocation: $200,000
Scaling: $1,000,000
Trading Competitions: Does not organize Trading Competitions
Free Trials: Does not offer free Trials
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About FX2 Funding

FX2Funding, officially known as FX2 Funding, LLC, is a cutting-edge proprietary trading platform launched in January 2023 and registered in the United States. Led by CEO David Dombrowsky, FX2Funding offers traders an unparalleled opportunity to access funded accounts ranging from $10,000 to $200,000, with the potential to keep up to 85% of the profits.


FX2Funding’s one-step evaluation process is designed to be the simplest and most transparent in the industry. Traders must meet a profit target of 10%, with a daily loss maximum of 4% and a trailing drawdown of 6%. Successful traders are rewarded with a refundable evaluation fee, quick payouts starting after 7 days, and no time limits on trading.


FX2Funding welcomes all trading styles, whether you use expert advisors, scalp, trade the news, or employ other strategies. The firm prioritizes trader performance, integrity, partnership, and support. Traders are considered team members, given access to world-class tools and resources, and provided with dedicated support to ensure a profitable trading experience.


With FX2Funding, scaling up your account is straightforward: achieve a 10% profit, request a payout, and your capital is increased by 10%. The firm supports news trading, EAs, and copy trading, though it prohibits malicious practices like arbitrage pricing and high-frequency trading bots.