FX Trader's EDGE

Details About FX Trader's EDGE

Legal Name: Prop Account, LLC
Company Number: Not disclosed
Country of Registeration: CACA
Support Mail: [email protected] , [email protected]
Phone: Not available
Payment Modes: Not disclosed
Withdrawal Methods: Not disclosed

Challenge Details at FX Trader's EDGE

Types of Challenges: One Phase Challenge
Trading Platforms: Ninjatrader, MotiveWave, WaveBasis
Trading Instruments: Forex, CFDs, Indices, Metals, Stocks, Crypto
Broker: Not disclosed
Max Allocation: $500,000
Scaling: $Not available
Trading Competitions: Does not organize Trading Competitions
Free Trials: Does not offer free Trials
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About FX Trader's EDGE

FX Traders EDGE, located at 3093 Bathurst St Suite #580, Toronto, ON, M6A 0A2, offers comprehensive training and funding opportunities for aspiring forex traders. Their programs, such as the Wavy Tunnel PRO Accelerated Training and the Forex Foundation Course, are designed to enhance trading skills by teaching strategies that combine Elliott Wave, Fibonacci, and Harmonics principles.


FX Traders EDGE also provides personalized coaching and a wealth builder’s roadmap to help traders achieve consistency and grow their accounts in various market conditions. Their Elite Scanner Tools simplify market analysis, while their Elliott Wave Desk Analyst service offers professional trade confirmations and new ideas.


FX Traders EDGE features a straightforward funding program with accounts ranging from $25,000 to $500,000. Each account comes with specific growth targets, daily loss limits, and a 75/25 profit split. Traders benefit from clear rules, minimal restrictions, and no arbitrary deadlines.