Fast Forex Funding



Details About Fast Forex Funding

Legal Name: Prop Trade Tech LLC
Company Number: 2784 LLC 2022
Country of Registeration: Not disclosed
CEO: Not available
Support Mail: [email protected]
Phone: Not available
Payment Modes: Crypto, Credit/Debit Card
Withdrawal Methods: Wire Transfer/ Bank Transfer, Crypto
Banned Countries:

Challenge Details at Fast Forex Funding

Types of Challenges: One Phase Challenge, Instant Funding
Trading Platforms: Metatrader, cTrader
Trading Instruments: Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Indices, Metals
Broker: Eightcap
Max Allocation: $500,000
Scaling: $Not available
Trading Competitions: Does not organize Trading Competitions
Free Trials: Does not offer free Trials
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About Fast Forex Funding

Fast Forex Funding offers traders a unique opportunity to access up to $1.2 million in simulated funding with a straightforward, one-time payment. This top-tier prop trading firm allows traders to unlock their full potential in just one phase, offering an impressive 90% profit split. With no restrictions on trading style, you can trade anytime, hold positions over weekends, and utilize high-frequency trading (HFT) and Expert Advisors (EAs).

Traders enjoy unlimited trading days across all plans and phases, providing the flexibility to trade at their own pace without the pressure of deadlines. Additionally, there are no profit targets, allowing for withdrawals within 30 days without any restrictive conditions. Fast Forex Funding prioritizes trader safety with a daily stop-loss feature while maintaining a no-crazy-rules approach, ensuring a stress-free trading environment.

The firm uses the cTrader platform, known for its advanced analytics and comprehensive trading solutions, offering true STP executions across over 300 instruments, including Forex, precious metals, indices, and digital currencies. Traders benefit from low commissions, great leverage, and sophisticated risk management tools.

Fast Forex Funding’s profit-sharing model is highly rewarding, starting with a 60% profit split on the first payout, increasing to 70% on the second, and reaching 90% from the fourth payout onwards. The process is efficient, with bi-weekly payouts and a processing time of 1-5 business days after the initial payout period.

The firm’s evaluation process is designed to be trader-friendly, with no time limits and the absence of profit targets, allowing traders to focus solely on performance. After completing the evaluation and verification stages, traders can access live accounts and receive fast funding to scale their trading operations.

Fast Forex Funding also offers an Instant Funding plan, where traders can start with up to a 90% profit split after the third payout. This plan includes no profit targets, no time limits, and allows for news trading and holding trades over the weekend.

Traders must adhere to specific rules to maintain their accounts, such as not exceeding a 2% risk per trade and avoiding prohibited strategies like high-frequency trading bots, grid trading, and martingale. The firm ensures full transparency and support, encouraging traders to verify their EAs before use.

Payments and withdrawals are conveniently handled through various methods, including credit/debit cards, digital payments, bank transfers, and crypto. With industry-leading spreads and commissions through their partner broker Eightcap, Fast Forex Funding provides a competitive trading environment.