Blue Guardian

Details About Blue Guardian

Legal Name: Iconic Exchange – FZCO
Company Number: 3045128
Country of Registeration: AEAE
CEO: Sean Bainton
Support Mail: [email protected]
Phone: Not available
Payment Modes: Credit/Debit Card, Crypto
Withdrawal Methods: Crypto, Wire Transfer/ Bank Transfer

Challenge Details at Blue Guardian

Types of Challenges: One Phase Challenge, Two Phase Challenge, Three Phase Challenge
Trading Platforms: Metatrader, MatchTrader, DXTrade
Trading Instruments: Forex, Crypto
Broker: ThinkMarketsPurple TradingMatchTrader
Max Allocation: $200,000
Scaling: $2,000,000
Trading Competitions: Does not organize Trading Competitions
Free Trials: Does not offer free Trials

About Blue Guardian

Blue Guardian, officially known as Iconic Exchange FZCO and helmed by CEO Sean Bainton, has been a leading prop trading firm since 2019, with registrations in both the UK and Dubai. The firm is dedicated to identifying and fostering skilled traders by providing a supportive and flexible trading environment.

The process to become a funded trader with Blue Guardian is simple. Traders begin by signing up for an evaluation program. Once registered, they receive instant access to the trader dashboard to start their evaluation. Successful completion of the evaluation leads to a funded account, with bi-weekly payouts available for profitable traders.

Blue Guardian supports various trading platforms, including Match-Trader, DXtrade, cTrader, and the forthcoming TradeLocker, allowing traders to choose the one that best suits their needs. The firm's profit split is an industry-leading 85%, with flexible payout options available just 14 days after the first trade on a funded account.

A unique feature of Blue Guardian is the Guardian Protector, an optional tool that helps traders manage risk by setting daily loss limits and blocking trading to prevent overtrading. This feature is easily accessible through the user-friendly dashboard.

Blue Guardian's evaluation model has some of the lowest profit targets in the industry at 8% and 4%, making it easier for traders to become funded. There are no restrictions on trading strategies, allowing for the use of EAs, trade copiers, and trading during news releases or over the weekend.

The firm's profit split of 85% surpasses the industry standard, and Blue Guardian also offers refundable fees and competitive evaluation parameters. Traders benefit from a bi-weekly payout system, enabling quicker access to profits.

Blue Guardian also has a robust scaling plan, allowing traders to grow their accounts up to $2,000,000 by achieving a 12% profit over three months. This plan rewards consistent and profitable trading.

Risk management is clear and strict, with a maximum total loss set at 8% of the initial balance. For example, a $100,000 account has a maximum total loss of $8,000. Accounts must have at least one trade every 30 days to remain active.

The firm ensures transparency and support through a comprehensive FAQ and customer service system. Traders can practice with demo accounts that use real market quotes, refining their strategies without risking real capital.

In summary, Blue Guardian offers a supportive, flexible, and rewarding environment for traders. With competitive profit splits, versatile trading platforms, and innovative risk management tools, Blue Guardian stands out as a top choice for traders seeking to enhance their skills and achieve significant growth.