Arctic Funding

Details About Arctic Funding

Company Number: 39760
Country of Registeration: AEAE
CEO: Buddima Dalpathadu
Support Mail: [email protected]
Phone: Not available
Payment Modes: Crypto, Credit/Debit Card, Wire transfer/ Bank Transfer
Withdrawal Methods: Wire Transfer/ Bank Transfer, Crypto

Challenge Details at Arctic Funding

Types of Challenges: One Phase Challenge, Two Phase Challenge, Three Phase Challenge
Trading Platforms: Metatrader, DXTrade
Trading Instruments: Forex, Crypto, Indices, Commodities, CFDs
Broker: Not disclosed
Max Allocation: $200,000
Scaling: $Not available
Trading Competitions: Does not organize Trading Competitions
Free Trials: Does not offer free Trials
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About Arctic Funding

Arctic Funding is a leading proprietary trading firm designed to elevate traders by providing substantial capital and a supportive trading environment. Traders can access up to $400,000 in trading capital and keep up to 100% of their profits. With Arctic Funding, you can trade over 600 stocks, including major names like TSLA, NVDA, and AAPL, or take on their Forex Challenge to enhance your trading potential.


Arctic Funding sets itself apart by offering an unlimited trading horizon, meaning there are no constraints on trading days, allowing traders to operate at their own pace. The firm provides a direct trading interface, bypassing outdated platforms like MetaTrader, ensuring a more streamlined and intuitive trading experience. Additionally, traders enjoy full ownership of their profits, with opportunities to receive a complete fee reimbursement upon passing evaluations.


The firm operates through a structured evaluation process divided into three phases: The Snowflake, The Blizzard, and the Funded Phase. In the Snowflake phase, traders must meet specific trading objectives to progress. The Blizzard phase is more rigorous, requiring traders to validate their skills and discipline. Successful completion of these phases allows traders to become fully funded Arctic Traders, trading with the firm's capital and enjoying up to 100% profit retention.


Arctic Funding's platform, DXtrade, offers a sophisticated yet user-friendly interface with customizable trading spaces, advanced charting tools, and an in-depth trading dashboard and journal. The firm also boasts the largest trading group in the Arctic circle, fostering a global community of traders who connect, collaborate, and conquer the markets together.


To start trading with Arctic Funding, traders select an account tier that suits their strategy and complete the necessary trading milestones at their own pace. Upon successful evaluation, traders can manage up to $400,000 of Arctic Funding's resources. The firm's leverage settings are favorable, with 100:1 for Forex, 30:1 for indices, and various other settings for commodities and cryptocurrencies.


Arctic Funding prioritizes fair trading practices, prohibiting strategies that exploit the system or violate market norms. Traders are encouraged to avoid high-frequency trading, news scalping, arbitrage, and multi-account reverse trading. The firm also maintains strict rules against group trading and the use of prohibited Expert Advisors (EAs).


For those seeking flexibility, Arctic Funding allows holding trades overnight and trading during news events, although caution is advised due to market volatility. Traders can also engage in copy trading, provided the trades are executed by the account owner.


The firm supports traders with no minimum trading days for Forex challenges and a seven-day requirement for stock challenges before withdrawal. Inactive accounts are flagged after 30 days, but exceptions are made for vacations or initial account purchases.


Arctic Funding's profit targets and drawdown limitations are clear and consistent, promoting responsible and disciplined trading. The firm offers various add-ons to enhance trading conditions, such as increased drawdown and higher profit splits.


Arctic Funding's affiliate program is robust, offering lifetime commissions for referrals, ensuring affiliates benefit from every trader they introduce to the firm. This unique feature differentiates Arctic Funding in the prop trading industry, providing continuous rewards for affiliates as long as their referrals remain active traders.

Overall, Arctic Funding empowers traders with significant capital, advanced trading tools, and a supportive community, making it an ideal choice for traders looking to maximize their potential and profitability.