TradeDay's New Withdrawal Policies: What You Need to Know

Date: June 20, 2024

TradeDay, under the leadership of CEO James Thorpe, has announced significant changes to its withdrawal policies as of June 20, 2024. For traders, both new and existing, understanding these changes is crucial to optimizing their trading experience and financial strategy.


About TradeDay

TradeDay, officially known as TRADEDAY LLC, is headquartered on the 2nd floor of 412 S. Wells in Chicago, Illinois. The company has established itself as a reliable platform for traders, providing comprehensive trading services and tools. James Thorpe, the CEO, has been instrumental in steering the company towards innovative solutions that benefit its user base.


Previous Withdrawal Policies

Under the old withdrawal policies, TradeDay required a minimum payout limit of $500. Traders could withdraw their profits as frequently as they wished, with no cap on the number of withdrawals. However, to be eligible for these payouts, traders needed to meet specific account balance and performance criteria.

New Withdrawal Policies

TradeDay has introduced several notable changes to its withdrawal policies:

New Minimum Payout Limit

The minimum payout limit has been decreased from $500 to $250. This reduction makes it easier for traders to access their profits without having to wait until they accumulate a larger sum.


Trailing Maximum Drawdown (TMD) Requirements

To withdraw profits, traders must ensure that their Trailing Maximum Drawdown (TMD) reaches the starting account balance. This requirement is designed to promote responsible trading and ensure that traders maintain a healthy account balance.


Unchanged Frequency of Withdrawals

Despite the changes in payout limits and TMD requirements, the frequency of withdrawals remains unchanged. Traders can continue to withdraw their profits as often as they like.


Eligibility for New Policies

Criteria for New Subscribers

The new withdrawal policies apply exclusively to traders who subscribe to TradeDay after June 20, 2024. These new subscribers can take advantage of the lower payout limit and the updated TMD requirements.


Exclusion of Current Traders

Existing traders, who were active before the policy change, must adhere to the old $500 minimum payout rule. However, there is a possibility that these new rules may be extended to existing traders in the future.


Benefits of the Lower Payout Limit

New subscribers will benefit significantly from the lower payout limit. With the minimum threshold halved, traders can more easily and quickly access their earnings, improving their liquidity and financial flexibility.


Impact on Existing Traders

Continuing with the Old Rules

Existing traders are required to continue following the old $500 minimum payout rule. This policy ensures stability and consistency for traders who have been with TradeDay prior to the changes.


Potential Future Changes

TradeDay has hinted at the possibility of extending the new withdrawal policies to existing traders in the future. This potential change would unify the withdrawal process across all users and could further enhance the trading experience for long-time traders.


Financial Implications for Traders

The reduced payout limit offers financial advantages for traders, allowing for more frequent access to funds and potentially improving cash flow management. However, the TMD requirement necessitates careful account management to ensure eligibility for withdrawals.



TradeDay’s updated withdrawal policies mark a significant step towards enhancing the trading experience for its users. With a lower payout limit and streamlined processes, new subscribers can enjoy more accessible and flexible financial management. While existing traders continue with the old rules, the potential for future changes promises a unified and improved trading environment for all. By staying informed and adapting to these changes, traders can make the most of their trading activities with TradeDay.