The 5%ers Announce Significant Updates to Their Trading Rules

Date: July 9, 2024

The 5%ers, a prominent trading community, have recently unveiled several important updates to their rules, aimed at enhancing the overall experience for their participants. These changes cover various aspects, including account inactivity periods, rewards, and account limits.


One of the most notable updates is the extension of the account inactivity period from 21 days to 30 days. This change provides traders with more flexibility, allowing them a longer window before their accounts are deemed inactive. However, the option to freeze accounts has been removed, encouraging continuous engagement from participants.


In terms of rewards, The 5%ers have introduced a more lucrative incentive for those successfully completing Step 1 of their evaluation process. Participants will now receive both a hub credit reward and a full refund upon successfully passing all evaluation stages. This update aims to motivate traders by offering tangible rewards early in the process, reinforcing their commitment to achieving the program's objectives.


Account limits have also been revised, with specific changes to the Hyper Growth and High Stakes plans. For the Hyper Growth plan, traders can now manage up to four accounts, allocated as follows: one $20K account, one $10K account, and two $5K accounts. This adjustment allows for more diversified portfolio management and greater growth opportunities.


Meanwhile, the High Stakes plan has been updated to permit a maximum of three accounts per participant. The possible combinations include one $5K account, one $20K account, and either one $60K or one $100K account. This revision provides traders with more flexibility in choosing account sizes that best fit their trading strategies and risk management preferences.


These updates reflect The 5%ers' commitment to continually improving their programs, ensuring that traders have the best possible environment to achieve their financial goals. By extending inactivity periods, enhancing rewards, and adjusting account limits, The 5%ers are poised to offer a more supportive and rewarding trading experience.