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Ryan Lepper Joins Maven as CFO after Leaving Smart Prop Trader

Date: June 3, 2024

Today, June 3, 2024, marks a significant shift in the world of prop trading as Ryan Lepper, a well-known figure in the industry, announced his new role as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Maven. This move comes after an impactful tenure at Smart Prop Trader, where Ryan's contributions were pivotal to the firm's success. With his extensive experience and notable achievements, the expectations for his role at Maven are sky-high. Let's delve into Ryan Lepper’s journey, his impact at Smart Prop Trader, and what his new role at Maven could mean for the company and the industry.


Smart Prop Trader has been a prominent player in the proprietary trading space for more than 2 years, known for its innovative approach and trader-friendly policies. 

Ryan Lepper joined Smart Prop Trader in January 2022, taking on the role of a key executive COO. Over his tenure, he became a linchpin in the company's operations, known for his swift and efficient handling of trader payouts, among other responsibilities.

During his 2 years and 5 months at Smart Prop Trader, Ryan played a crucial role in several transformative initiatives. His knack for process optimization and his commitment to trader satisfaction stood out, making him a highly respected figure within the company.

One of Ryan’s most celebrated achievements was his ability to process payouts in as little as three minutes, regardless of his location or situation. This level of dedication and efficiency set a new standard in the industry and earned him widespread acclaim.

The Announcement

On June 3, 2024, Ryan Lepper officially announced his transition to Maven as their new CFO. This move follows his shift to a part-time advisory role at Smart Prop Trader starting on May 20, 2024.

Ryan’s new role at Maven is anticipated to bring significant changes to the firm. His track record suggests that he will bring the same level of dedication and innovation that he demonstrated at Smart Prop Trader.

Given Ryan’s past performance, the industry is abuzz with speculation about the positive changes he might bring to Maven. Faster payouts, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced client satisfaction are among the anticipated benefits.

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