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Overview of Funding Pips

Date: May 11, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial markets, Funding Pips has emerged as a promising platform for aspiring traders looking to prove their skills, access funding, and experience substantial growth. This article delves into the intricate details of Funding Pips, exploring its evaluation stages, trading behavior rules, account credentials, payout structures, scaling opportunities, and more. Whether you're a novice trader or an experienced hand, this guide will illuminate the path to success in the world of trading.


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Funding Pips, a dynamic platform established on February 9, 2023, and headquartered in New Zealand, has garnered attention in the trading community as a reliable pathway for traders to access funding and hone their trading skills. The platform offers a meticulous evaluation process, where traders can progress through different phases to prove their abilities and unlock various benefits.

The Standard Evaluation Stage

Two Phase Funding Capital

Funding Pips provides traders with the opportunity to access funding with different capital levels, including $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, and $100,000. These tiers offer a stepping stone for traders to demonstrate their capabilities and embark on a journey towards success.

The Student Phase (Phase I)

The student phase serves as a foundation for traders to establish their trading prowess. During this phase, achieving an 8% profit target without violating any rules is crucial. Once this phase is successfully passed, traders can progress to the next phase after a waiting period of 24 hours.

The Practitioner Phase (Phase II)

The practitioner phase is designed to validate the outcomes of the student phase. Traders are required to attain a 5% profit target while adhering to the platform's rules. This phase marks a pivotal step toward becoming a funded trader.

Allowed to Hold Trades Over the Weekend and Trade During News

Funding Pips offers traders the flexibility to hold trades over the weekend and participate in trading activities during high-impact news events. This freedom allows traders to adapt to market dynamics and make informed decisions.

5% Maximum Daily Loss Limit

To ensure prudent risk management, Funding Pips imposes a 5% maximum daily loss limit based on the higher value between equity and balance. This rule prevents excessive losses and promotes responsible trading practices.

10% Maximum Loss Limit

Traders are also subject to a 10% maximum loss limit, safeguarding the equity or balance from dropping below a certain threshold. This rule aligns with risk management principles and ensures sustainable trading.

Trading Strategy

Funding Pips encourages traders to adopt diverse trading strategies, from using Expert Advisors (EAs) to holding positions during news events. However, the platform strictly prohibits certain trading activities that exploit market inefficiencies or involve third-party vendors.

News Trading Rules

News trading is an integral aspect of trading, and Funding Pips has established clear rules to ensure fair play. Profits generated from trades opened around high-impact news events are not counted, and the system automatically closes such trades. Any Traders Opened before or after 4 Minutes of Hight News Impact will not be counted. Funding Pips uses ForexFactory for High Impact News.

Trading Behavior and Rules Applicable on the Master Account

Traders who successfully progress to the master account stage must adhere to specific rules to maintain their funded status. The rules include the maximum daily loss limit, maximum loss limit, required stop loss placement, and trading during news events.

5% Maximum Daily Loss Limit

The 5% maximum daily loss limit applies to the master account as well, aiming to prevent substantial losses and sustain a trader's funded status.

10% Maximum Loss Limit

Similarly, the 10% maximum loss limit ensures that traders' equity or balance remains above a certain threshold, maintaining their financial stability.

Required Stop Loss Rule on Master Accounts

Traders are obligated to set a stop loss within 60 seconds of opening a trade on the master account. Failure to do so may result in trade closure and a violation of trading rules.

Allowed to Hold Trades During News and Over the Weekend

Traders on the master account can hold trades during news events and over the weekend. However, specific rules apply to trading around high-impact news events to ensure fair play and responsible trading.

Trading Strategy

While traders have the liberty to choose their trading strategies, Funding Pips strictly prohibits trading activities that exploit market inefficiencies or involve third-party vendors.

Trading Instruments

Funding Pips offers a range of tradable instruments, including Forex, Crypto, Indices, Metals, and Energies, each with competitive spreads and commission structures. Equities trading is not allowed on the master account.

Account Credentials

Upon joining the evaluation program, traders receive login credentials to access the platform. Changing these credentials is prohibited to maintain the security and integrity of accounts.

Payouts & Profit Split

Traders have the opportunity to receive payouts based on their trading performance. The payout structure varies depending on the phase and trader's progress, offering both fixed and on-demand payouts with profit splits.

Scaling Up

For skilled traders, Funding Pips offers a scaling plan that rewards progress and performance. Traders can benefit from increasing capital and profit splits based on their success over multiple months.

Merging Accounts

Traders can choose to merge their master/funded accounts or keep them separate after passing the evaluation process. Merging accounts requires contacting Funding Pips support.


Traders who successfully complete Phase 1 and Phase 2 receive refunds of their fees, providing an added incentive for achieving funding.


To maintain active status, traders must engage in trading activities regularly. Any account inactive for 30 days will be automatically suspended.

IP Address

To ensure the security of accounts and prevent third-party interference, Funding Pips monitors IP addresses for consistency across different stages of the evaluation and master accounts.


Funding Pips offers a structured and transparent pathway for traders to prove their skills, access funding, and experience substantial growth in the world of trading. By adhering to the platform's rules and showcasing trading prowess, traders can unlock numerous opportunities for success.


For traders seeking a platform that combines evaluation, funding, and growth opportunities, Funding Pips presents a compelling option to pursue their trading aspirations.


Funding Pips is a trading platform that offers funding opportunities to traders based on their performance in the evaluation process.

The evaluation process consists of two phases: the student phase (Phase I) and the practitioner phase (Phase II), where traders must meet specific profit targets and adhere to trading rules.

Funding Pips prohibits trading activities that exploit market inefficiencies or involve third-party vendors. These activities can lead to account termination.

News trading rules prevent profits from trades opened around high-impact news events from being counted, ensuring fair play and responsible trading.

Scaling up offers traders increased capital, profit splits, and tailored conditions based on their trading performance and progress.

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