My Funded FX Welcomes Pakistani and Vietnamese Traders

Date: June 7, 2024

Trading enthusiasts, rejoice! My Funded FX has just announced a groundbreaking update that could change the game for traders from Pakistan and Vietnam. This prop firm, known for its innovative trading programs, is now opening its doors to Pakistani and Vietnamese traders, allowing them to participate in their newly introduced 1-Step Max Program. Let's dive into what this means for the trading community and explore the details behind this significant move.


About My Funded FX

My Funded FX, legally known as MyFunded Capital (HK) Ltd, is a prominent prop firm established in 2022. Registered in Hong Kong at Suite 1601, 16/F., AXA Tower, Landmark East, 100 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong, the firm is helmed by CEO Matt Leech. Since its inception, My Funded FX has been dedicated to providing traders with exceptional opportunities and resources to succeed in the financial markets.


History of Trading Restrictions

For around 6 to 8 months, traders from Pakistan and Vietnam were barred from participating on My Funded FX's platform. This was a stance taken by not just My Funded FX but many other prop firms in the industry. The restrictions stemmed from various regulatory and operational concerns. However, recent developments have prompted a reevaluation of these policies.


The New Challenge Programs

In a bid to enhance the trading experience and offer more diverse opportunities, My Funded FX recently introduced two new challenge programs: the 1-Step Max Program and the 2-Step Max Program. These programs are designed to streamline the trading process and provide a clear path to success for ambitious traders.


Welcoming Back Pakistani Traders

The announcement to lift the ban on Pakistani traders marks a significant milestone. Pakistani traders can now engage with My Funded FX through the 1-Step Max Program. This decision opens up a plethora of opportunities for traders in Pakistan, enabling them to leverage My Funded FX's robust platform and resources to achieve their trading goals.


Welcoming Back Vietnamese Traders

Similarly, the unbanning of Vietnamese traders is a game-changer. Vietnamese traders can now take advantage of the 1-Step Max Program, gaining access to a platform that offers comprehensive support and cutting-edge trading tools. This move is expected to foster a vibrant trading community in Vietnam.

The Impact of the Announcement

This announcement is poised to significantly impact the trading markets in Pakistan and Vietnam. By welcoming traders from these regions, My Funded FX is not only expanding its reach but also fostering a more inclusive trading environment. The potential for market growth is substantial, as more traders get the opportunity to showcase their skills on a global platform.


In conclusion, My Funded FX's decision to welcome Pakistani and Vietnamese traders is a monumental step towards creating a more inclusive and dynamic trading community. The introduction of the 1-Step Max Program offers a streamlined path for traders to achieve their goals. With robust support and resources, My Funded FX is well-positioned to lead the prop trading industry into a new era of inclusivity and innovation.