Forex Prop's Road to Recovery: Insights from Joe's Address

Date: May 11, 2024

In a recent video message, Joe, the CEO and owner of, took the initiative to communicate directly with the company's community. While he acknowledged the video's quality issues, his primary aim was to address ongoing concerns and provide clarity on several crucial matters. In this article, we will delve into the key points from Joe's address, shedding light on the company's future prospects and its commitment to growth.



Payouts Resuming

One of the most eagerly awaited announcements was the resumption of payouts to traders and affiliate commissions. Joe confidently assured the community that all pending payouts would be processed by the end of November 2023. This commitment to financial transparency and responsibility was met with relief by many.

Misinformation Correction

Addressing the issue of misinformation circulating online, Joe set the record straight. In an era of rapid information dissemination, it's not uncommon for rumors and inaccuracies to cloud the truth. Joe's efforts to clarify the company's position underscored his dedication to maintaining trust within the community.

Payment Processor Issue

One of the most significant setbacks faced by was the unexpected closure of their payment processor, resulting in over $490,000 being held. This amount exceeded the sum of pending payouts, which amounted to less than half of the total. The processor's decision to retain the funds for 120 days was a challenging situation, but Joe's willingness to confront it head-on demonstrated his commitment to resolving issues promptly.

Personal Funds Used

To ensure the business's continuity and timely payouts, Joe personally contributed over a quarter of a million dollars of his own funds. This move highlighted his dedication to both the company and its community. Joe's willingness to invest his personal resources to bridge financial gaps reflected his unwavering belief in's potential.

New Payment Processor

In a promising development, Joe announced the adoption of a new payment processor. This change not only resolved the immediate issue but also signaled a proactive approach to prevent similar problems in the future. It showcased the company's adaptability and commitment to improving its operations.

Staff Changes

While discussing recent developments, Joe briefly mentioned the departure of Azwad, a former associate, who decided to shift his focus to his YouTube channel. Joe expressed his best wishes for Azwad's future endeavors and maintained an optimistic outlook regarding the company's growth.

Future Goals's commitment to growth was a recurring theme throughout Joe's address. He outlined ambitious goals, aiming to become one of the top five proprietary trading firms by 2024. This vision underscored the company's determination to push boundaries and succeed in a competitive industry.

Closing Remarks

In his concluding remarks, Joe extended his gratitude to the community for their trust and support. He reassured everyone of the company's strength and security in the industry, instilling confidence in its future. As the video concluded, Joe wished all a happy weekend, ending the address on a positive note.


Joe's video address shed light on's ongoing challenges and future aspirations. It conveyed a sense of transparency, commitment, and dedication to the community. While hurdles were acknowledged, the company's resilience and optimism shone through, leaving viewers with a renewed sense of trust and confidence.

FAQs adopted a new payment processor to resolve the issue and prevent similar problems in the future.

Joe aims to position among the top five proprietary trading firms by 2024.

Joe addressed the misinformation directly in his video message, providing clarity to the community.

Joe's use of personal funds demonstrated his commitment to the company's financial stability and timely payouts.

Azwad, a former associate, was mentioned as departing to focus on his YouTube channel. Joe wished him well in his new endeavors.