ETX Funding Announces 4 Day Trader Psychology Mastermind with TraderBros

Date: June 7, 2024

Do you know what the biggest challenges most traders face are?


The biggest challenges most traders face include:

  1. Self-Doubt: Doubting one's abilities as a trader and feeling inadequate.

  2. FOMO: Overcoming the fear of missing out on profitable trades.

  3. Emotional Control: Learning to control emotions and avoid making impulsive decisions.

  4. Insecurities: Worrying about discovering uncomfortable truths and insecurities.

  5. Confidence Issues: Grappling with self-doubt and confidence issues.

  6. External Criticism: Facing criticism and skepticism from friends and family.

  7. Resilience: Developing resilience to bounce back from setbacks and losses.

At ETX Funding, we understand that becoming successful in trading goes beyond knowing how to read a chart or take signals. It requires controlling your emotions and having the right mindset.


The industry has often failed retail traders by feeding off their losses, not just in trades, but through fostering a losing mindset. This mindset puts traders at a greater disadvantage against the markets.


To address this, we have invested in an event focused strictly on Trader Psychology and Mindset. Instead of repeatedly purchasing trading evaluations, we challenge you to invest in yourself and join the select group of traders who will benefit from this weekend.


Some Notable Guests will attending this event:

  • ETX Funding Founders: Steven Pastrana , CEO; Anthony Pastrana, COO; Javoni Thomas, CSO; & Brandon Street, CTO

  • FPFX Tech CEO, Justin Hertzberg - Leading Tech Company in the Industry

  • John Pike, Founder of Talent Genius

  • Rico Sostre, Leadership Trainer and Coach

  • Rev. JJ Manuel, Director of Growth at ETX and Metaphysician 

  • Cliff Cheqona, Director of Trader Psychology at ETX

  • and so much more!


In partnership with Trader Bros, ETX Funding is co-producing and title sponsoring a 4-day Trader Psychology Mastermind in Weston, Florida. This event will provide an unparalleled experience focused on mindset and psychology.


Certified mindset coaches will be sharing their expertise and best practices, making this a transformative weekend. The value you'll receive is worth 100 times the ticket price.


For more information on the event, please visit: Level Up Weekend Details & Pricing


We hope to see you there!