Billions Club Prop Firm Banned Many Countries

Date: May 18, 2024

In a recent communication, Jakub, the CEO of Billions Club, delivered an important announcement regarding significant changes in the purchase of challenges on their platform. This update impacts users in specific countries, and it's essential to understand the reasons behind this decision and its implications.

Understanding the Decision

Billions Club has made the decision, effective immediately, to discontinue the option to buy challenges from several countries. The affected countries include Iran, Syria, Myanmar, North Korea, Pakistan, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, Cuba, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Crimea, Donetsk region of Ukraine, and Luhansk region of Ukraine.

The decision to restrict purchases from these countries is rooted in a combination of factors:

International Sanctions

One significant factor is the application of international sanctions. Billions Club aims to operate in compliance with global regulations and obligations. These sanctions serve as a crucial guideline for their business operations.

High Credit Card Fraud Prevalence

Another concern is the prevalence of high credit card fraud in certain regions. To maintain the integrity of their platform and protect their users, Billions Club has decided to limit access to customers from countries with a high risk of fraudulent activities.

Political and Ethical Commitment

Billions Club has expressed its commitment to refrain from supporting countries for political and ethical reasons. This decision aligns with their values and principles, demonstrating a responsible approach to their global user base.

Impact on Users

If you are a customer in the active challenge phase, Billions Club assures you that they will provide full refunds for your challenges and subsequently close your trading accounts. This ensures that you do not face any financial losses due to these changes.

For customers in the funded phase, rest assured that Billions Club will fulfill all pending payouts and then close your trading accounts. This commitment reflects their dedication to maintaining trust with their users.

It's important to note that these restrictions will only affect a small number of customers, and Billions Club believes that these changes will contribute positively to the overall integrity of their company.

Community Support

Billions Club acknowledges that this adjustment may impact some members of their community. They appreciate the understanding and support of their users as they navigate these necessary changes.

Reach Out for Assistance

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these changes, Billions Club's support team is ready to assist you. They are committed to providing a secure and compliant trading environment for all their users and value your continued trust and partnership.


In conclusion, Billions Club's decision to restrict challenge purchases from specific countries is based on a combination of factors, including international sanctions, credit card fraud prevention, and a commitment to ethical business practices. The company is dedicated to providing a secure trading environment and maintaining the trust of its users.


Challenge purchases are restricted in certain countries due to a combination of international sanctions, high credit card fraud prevalence, and ethical considerations.

If you are in the active challenge phase, Billions Club will provide full refunds for your challenges and subsequently close your trading accounts.

Customers in the funded phase will receive all pending payouts, and their trading accounts will then be closed to ensure a smooth transition.

If you are not in one of the restricted countries, these changes will not impact your ability to use Billions Club's services.

Billions Club is committed to continuous improvement in security and compliance measures to ensure a safe and trustworthy trading environment for all users