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Overview of Fx2Funding Forex Prop Firm

Date: May 11, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial markets, aspiring traders often face the daunting challenge of acquiring the necessary capital to kickstart their journey towards financial success. Fx2Funding, also known as FX2 Funding, LLC, emerges as a beacon of hope for traders seeking opportunities to grow their wealth. This article delves into the intricacies of Fx2Funding, shedding light on its company details, evaluation program, and the unique advantages it offers to traders.

Company Details

Name: Fx2Funding

Legal Name: FX2 Funding, LLC

CEO: David Dombrowsky

Founded: January 2023

Registered in: United States

At the helm of Fx2Funding stands David Dombrowsky, steering the ship towards a brighter future for traders. Established in January 2023 and officially registered in the United States, FX2 Funding, LLC, is poised to make a significant impact on the trading world.

The One-Step Evaluation Program

Fx2Funding distinguishes itself with a refreshingly simple evaluation program that caters to traders of all backgrounds and skill levels. Let's take a closer look at the key details of this program:

  • Your Profit Share: Up to 85%
  • Profit Target: 10%
  • Daily Loss Max: 4%
  • Trailing Drawdown: 6%

Traders can choose from various account sizes, ranging from $10,000 to $200,000, making it accessible to a wide spectrum of traders.

Funded Accounts for Traders Like You

Fx2Funding's core mission is to provide funded accounts to traders who demonstrate their prowess in the world of currency trading. Here's what sets them apart:

High-Profit Split

Collect up to 85% of the profits you earn. Fx2Funding believes that your hard-earned profits should stay with you.

No Time Limits

Trade at your own pace. Whether you achieve your goals in one day, one month, or one year, Fx2Funding is there to support your journey.

1-Step Evaluation

Their evaluation process is straightforward and fair, designed to help you succeed. The goal is to ensure that talented traders receive the capitalization they deserve.

Refundable Evaluation Fee

Upon receiving your funded account and requesting your first payout, Fx2 Funding will refund your entire evaluation fee, further demonstrating their commitment to your success.

Quick Payouts

After just 7 days, you can request your first payout, followed by payouts every 14 days.

The Market's Simplest Evaluation Process

Fx2Funding aims to make accessing funded accounts as simple and transparent as possible. They understand the importance of verifying talented traders and reward them with a profit split higher than the industry standard.

Supporting Your Performance

Your performance is Fx2Funding's top priority. They offer access to a comprehensive set of analytical tools, training resources, and competitive advantages to ensure your success.

Integrity and Partnership

Fx2Funding operates with honesty and transparency. Their simple program rules and timely payouts give you the confidence to elevate your trading career.

Dedicated Support

Every funded trader at Fx2Funding is assigned a dedicated support provider available around the clock to address any questions, needs, or requests within a 24-hour period.


Fx2Funding is more than a prop firm; it's a partner in your trading journey. Their commitment to your success, transparent approach, and support structure make them a game-changer in the trading world.


The maximum drawdown starts at negative 6% of your starting balance. If your negative equity reaches 6% of your starting balance, your account will be terminated immediately. Once you achieve a 6% return, it stops trailing, and the drawdown is locked at your starting balance.

Yes, you can. If you have achieved a profit of 10%, you can request a payout for your percentage of the profit, and Fx2Funding will match it with a 10% increase in your capital. Scaling is capped at $1,000,000, and it's not automatic. You must request to scale up by contacting their support team.

Absolutely. Fx2Funding allows its traders to participate in all news events.

Yes, you can use expert advisors, copy traders, scripts, and indicators. However, malicious practices such as arbitrage pricing or latency exploitation are prohibited. FX2 reserves the right to review all EAs before awarding a trader their funded account.

FX2 Funding