Overview Of Funded Next Express Challenge

Date: May 11, 2024

In the world of trading, every trader seeks opportunities to enhance their skills, grow their accounts, and earn substantial profits. One such opportunity that has gained prominence is the FundedNext Challenge Type-2 Express. This unique challenge is designed to provide traders with a platform to hit ambitious profit targets, all without the constraints of time limits. In this article, we will delve into the details of the Challenge Type-2 Express, its rules, benefits, and how it can help traders achieve their financial goals.

What is Express Challenge?

The Challenge Type-2 (Express) is a trading model where your primary goal is to achieve an ambitious profit target, and here's the catch - there is no specified time limit. Once you successfully reach your profit target, you will gain access to trading on a FundedNext Account with a profit split percentage starting at 60%. However, your performance can elevate this profit split percentage all the way up to an impressive 90%.

Express Model Rules

To ensure fair play and responsible trading, the Express model has specific rules in place:

  1. Maximum Daily Drawdown: Traders are allowed a maximum drawdown of 5% in a single trading day. This rule helps safeguard your account from significant losses in a short period.
  2. Maximum Overall Loss: While your account balance may grow, the maximum allowable loss remains at 10% of your initial balance. For example, if your account balance reaches $110,000, your '10% Overall Loss' equity number will remain at $90,000, giving you a buffer of $20,000.
  3. Minimum Trading Days: Traders are required to engage in at least 10 trading days per month. However, if your trading style or circumstances prevent this, you can communicate with the FundedNext team for a review and possible accommodation.

Express Model Benefits

Participating in the Challenge Type-2 (Express) comes with several appealing benefits:

  1. One Step Assessment Process: You only need to prove yourself once by achieving the growth target at your own pace to access real funds. It's a straightforward process.
  2. 15% Profit Share: During the assessment phase, you earn a 15% profit share from the FundedNext Challenge. This means you start earning rewards even as you trade on the FundedNext Challenge account.
  3. No Unrealistic Profit Targets: The Challenge Type-2 Express sets a reasonable 25% growth target. This allows you to trade without the pressure of meeting absurd targets.
  4. No Time Limit: There are no time restrictions, giving you the freedom to trade at your own pace without the fear of running out of time.
  5. Up to 90% Profit Sharing: After gaining access to a funded account, your profit split starts at 60% and increases with each successful withdrawal, eventually reaching up to an impressive 90%.
  6. Fast Funding: Achieving the account growth target in the assessment phase can grant you access to the real funded account in as little as 10 trading days from signup.


The FundedNext Challenge Type-2 Express is an exciting opportunity for traders to showcase their skills, achieve impressive profit targets, and earn substantial profit shares. With its flexible rules and enticing benefits, it's a pathway to financial success in the world of trading. So, if you're looking to take your trading journey to the next level, consider embarking on the Challenge Type-2 Express with FundedNext.


To ensure a successful trading journey in the Express Challenge, it is crucial to abide by the following guidelines and restrictions: Maximum Daily Drawdown: 5% of your initial account balance in a single day. Maximum Overall Drawdown: Your account balance cannot drop below 90% of the initial balance. Minimum Trading Days: You must engage in a minimum of 10 individual trades per month.

In the Express Challenge, your goal is to grow your account by 25% over time. While there's no strict time limit, you must trade in 4-week cycles and trade for at least 10 days in each cycle.

As a Challenge Phase trader, you will earn 15% of the profit generated in each trading cycle. After achieving a 25% account growth and receiving a FundedNext account, your profit share can go up to 90%.

There is no time restriction for completing the Express Challenge. You must maintain a minimum of 10 trading days on each trading cycle.

There is no strict time limit to reach the profit target in the Express Challenge. You have the freedom to trade at your own pace.