FTMO Introduced a New Premium Plan for Traders

Date: May 11, 2024

In the world of trading, where risk and reward are constantly at play, finding the right opportunity to excel can be a challenging task. Traders often seek platforms that not only provide financial backing but also offer the tools and support needed to succeed. FTMO, a renowned prop firm, has now introduced an exciting opportunity for traders - the FTMO Premium Program. This program, which includes two levels - Prime Trader and Supreme Trader, offers unique benefits that can significantly enhance your trading journey. Let's delve into the details of these premium programs and discover how they can unlock your potential.

Introduction to FTMO

FTMO, has taken a bold step forward with the introduction of its premium programs. These programs are designed to provide traders with a consistent training approach on their FTMO accounts, ultimately leading to Prime or Supreme status. Achieving these prestigious statuses comes with a host of exciting benefits and personalized perks tailored to enhance your training experience.

FTMO Premium Program

How to Unlock FTMO Premium Program?

The FTMO Premium Program is divided into two levels, with the first being the Prime Trader status. To achieve this status, traders need to fulfill certain conditions:

FTMO Prime Trader Requirements:

  • Active FTMO Account: You must have an active FTMO account to be eligible for the Prime Trader status.
  • No Failed FTMO Account in the Last 4 Months: Consistency is key, and FTMO requires that you haven't failed any FTMO accounts in the past four months.
  • Process 4 Payouts with at Least 4% per Payout: Demonstrating your ability to consistently generate profits is crucial.

FTMO Prime Trader Benefits:

  • 1x Free FTMO Challenge of the Same Size: This allows you to take another shot at the FTMO challenge without additional costs.
  • Unlocked $400K FTMO Challenge: Access to the high-stakes FTMO challenge with a $400,000 allocation.
  • $600K Max. Capital Allocation: An increased capital allocation for your trading activities.
  • 90% Profit Split: You get to keep 90% of the profits you generate.
  • 10% Off on New FTMO Challenges: Cost savings on future challenges.
  • 5% Rollover Bonus: An additional bonus for rolling over profits.
  • Dedicated Support: Access to a support team for any assistance you may require.
  • Certificate of Achievement: Recognition for your trading accomplishments.

How to Unlock FTMO Supreme Status

Once you've successfully reached Prime Trader status, the next level in the FTMO Premium Program is Supreme Trader. Here's what you need to become a Supreme Trader:

FTMO Supreme trader requirements:

  • Active $400K FTMO Account: Maintain an active FTMO account with the specified size.
  • Prime Trader for 3 Months: Consistency and experience as a Prime Trader are prerequisites.
  • Process 3 Additional Payouts with at Least 4% per Payout: Prove your trading prowess further.

FTMO Supreme Trader Benefits:

  • $1M Max. Capital Allocation: Access to even more capital for your trading activities.
  • Immediate Payout: Enjoy immediate access to your trading profits.
  • No Maximum Daily Loss: Trade with confidence knowing there's no daily loss limit.
  • Physical Badge of Achievement: A tangible symbol of your success.
  • Possible Job Interview at Quantlane: Open doors to a career in professional trading with Quantlane.

The Benefits of Quantlane

As a Supreme Trader, you gain the opportunity to explore a career path beyond individual trading. Quantlane, a traditional proprietary trading firm acquired by FTMO, offers the following benefits:

  • 2-Year Contract with Fixed Salary: Secure your financial stability with a fixed salary.
  • Competitive Trading Bonus Scheme: Enjoy additional incentives based on your trading performance.
  • Part of the Team: Become an integral part of a professional trading community.
  • Institutional Trading Conditions: Access to institutional-grade spreads, liquidity, and risk management.
  • Custom Platform & Tooling: Utilize specialized tools to enhance your trading experience.
  • Performance & Mindset Coach: Receive guidance to boost your trading mindset and performance.
  • Trading Station in Prague and a Relocation Package: Experience trading from a global financial hub and enjoy relocation support.


FTMO's premium program opens doors to a world of trading opportunities, offering substantial capital, immediate payouts, and the chance to explore a career in professional trading. Whether you aim to achieve Prime or Supreme Trader status, FTMO provides the platform and support you need to succeed.

Get started today and join the ranks of successful traders who have benefited from FTMO's unique offerings.


FTMO's $400,000 challenge is a trading opportunity for individuals to prove their trading skills with a substantial capital allocation, with no maximum daily loss limit and immediate payouts.

To become a Prime Trader, you need to maintain an active FTMO account, avoid any failed FTMO accounts in the last four months, and process four payouts with at least 4% per payout.

Prime Traders enjoy benefits such as a free FTMO challenge, increased capital allocation, a higher profit split, discounts on new challenges, rollover bonuses, dedicated support, and a certificate of achievement.

Supreme Trader is the second level in FTMO's premium program, offering enhanced benefits, including a higher capital allocation, immediate payouts, and no maximum daily loss limit. It also opens the possibility of a job interview at Quantlane.

Quantlane is a proprietary trading firm acquired by FTMO. As a Supreme Trader, you have the opportunity to explore a career at Quantlane, with benefits like a fixed salary, competitive bonus scheme, institutional trading conditions, and relocation support.