Arctic Funding Announced some Major Changes! Heres everything you need to know.

Date: June 7, 2024

Arctic Funding has just dropped some significant updates to their trading plan, and if you're a trader with them, you'll want to sit up and take notice. These changes could reshape how you engage with their platform, making it more streamlined and potentially more profitable. Let's dive into what Arctic Funding has rolled out and why these updates are so important for you.

Removal of Three-Step Challenges

First off, Arctic Funding has decided to scrap their notorious three-step challenges. Why? Well, the pass rate was a dismal less than 1%, making it almost impossible for traders to get through. Instead, they've introduced the Arctic Xpress Challenge. This new challenge is not only cheaper but also comes with a quick seven-day time limit. It’s perfect for aggressive traders who prefer a fast pass or fail scenario. If you like taking your time, this might not be for you. Think of it as the trading world's equivalent of a high-speed chase – exhilarating, but you need to be on your game.

New Dashboard for TradeLocker and DX Customers

Next up, let’s talk about the new dashboard.  Arctic Funding has rolled out a brand-new dashboard that includes an economic calendar and a built-in news feed. This will keep you updated with the latest market trends and news. For DXtrade customers, the transition from Eightcap to Blueberry Markets will happen over the next two weeks. During this period, current DXtrade Eightcap users will stick with their old dashboard to avoid any trading downtime. The goal here is to enhance your trading experience with more integrated tools and information right at your fingertips.

Updated Rules and FAQs

Arctic Funding has also refined their challenge rules. They encourage all traders to check out the updated FAQs on their website. They updated rules and refined them so that traders can understand the platform. It's all about making sure you're well-informed and ready to take on the market with the latest knowledge at your disposal.

Enhanced Trading Platform Options

Now, this is a big one for those who like flexibility. Arctic Funding has introduced a new toggle option on their landing page, allowing you to switch between DXtrade and TradeLocker. You can now place trades directly using TradingView charts, whether you’re on the web platform or using the app on iOS and Android. This integration is set to make your trading more seamless and efficient. Plus, they’re not stopping there – cTrader and MetaTrader are next on the list for platform integration. This means more options and more power in your hands.

Introducing Arctic Care Packages

In a move to show appreciation to their funded traders, Arctic Funding is introducing Arctic Care Packages. Forget the old evaluation refund; now, you’ll receive a care package that includes an Arctic Funding trading journal, some cool stickers, an Arctic Funding mug, and a personalized plaque to commemorate your status as a funded trader. It’s a thoughtful gesture that recognizes your hard work and success.


These changes by Arctic Funding are set to make a significant impact on how you trade. From removing cumbersome challenges to introducing a faster, more aggressive option, they’re listening to trader feedback and acting on it. The new dashboard, updated rules, enhanced trading platforms, and the thoughtful care packages all point towards a more trader-friendly environment. It’s an exciting time to be part of the Arctic Funding community, and these updates could well be the boost you need to elevate your trading game.